The Best Excuse Ever for Being Late.

If you are planning to visit the libraries of Davenport later this week, please note that all locations—including the Main Street location, which houses our Center—will be opening late this Friday (July 31). Doors will open at 1 pm, instead of 9:30 am.

Are we undergoing universal repairs? Attending an  in-service? Perhaps an all-staff hula-hoop contest?

No, better than that!


We will all be attending the groundbreaking\tree planting ceremony for the library’s new Eastern Avenue location.  And you are all invited to attend the ceremony, which will take place at 6000 Eastern Avenue at 10:30 am.

If the historic occasion isn’t enough, there will also be cookies and a neighborhood open house for the new homes in the area, and children will be given a tour of the equipment being used on the site.

So if you were planning on visiting the library on Friday, it looks like you might have some free time on your hands–so why not join us?   Just turn north on Eastern Avenue off of 53rd Street and keep going until you see our sign!

Want more information on our Eastern Avenue location?  The project blog can provide photos, timelines, and commentary.

See you there!

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