A Veteran’s View: Harold Labonte




 In 2001, our own Karen, along with several volunteers, began interviewing local residents for a World War II/Korean War Oral History Project.  Our Oral History Collection now includes the war-related stories of 74 veterans, former civilian workers, and even a war bride or two.

The recordings of the full interviews—most of which have been transcribed—have always been available at our Center, but now we are pleased to be able to offer selections from these interviews online—just in time for Memorial Day!

Harold Labonte joined the Air Force in 1935 at the age of 18.  However, he spent World War II as an extremely hard-working Air Force Civilian Technician.   He was so important to the war effort, that he became one of the few civilians personally chastised by General Patton.  Mr. Labonte passed away in August of last year.

If, after hearing this brief recording, you would like to hear the rest of Mr. Labonte’s story, you are welcome to bring your favorite set of headphones to our Center!

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