Just Shelved: Family Histories

Because our Center can’t purchase every family history available, and because some family histories are beyond the reach of the usual library selection resources, we rely on donations—and the Scott County Genealogy Society—to keep our collection of nine-twenty-nine-point twos*  thriving.

The titles below are new to our Center,** and we thank the donors for their generosity:

Myron A. Munson’s The Munson Record: A Genealogical and Biographical Accountof Captain Thomas Munson and his descendants

Anthony Mitchell Martinelli and Margaret Bennett: Ancestors, genealogy and Family History by Frederick Garth Gregory.

The May Family of Kingston, Ohio, compiled by Richard Holman May, includes a genealogy of henry and Susannah McCutchen May and their descendant, and information on the McCutchen and Taylor families and other related lines.

Glaspell: relatives of James Glaspell (1789-1847) and His Wife Jane Stratham (1792-1860) by Elsie Spry Davis (1985).


*929.2 is the Dewey designation for family histories—usually this section is arranged by the primary family name in hte volume instead of author.

**If none of these titles tie in with your family, why not see if we have a 929.2 that does?  Just type in the surname and ‘family (as in “Schneckloth family”) in our catalog.

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2 Responses to Just Shelved: Family Histories

  1. Lois Young says:

    Hi, I volunteer at the Luverne MN Historical Society and have been researching Samuel C. Brown. His daughter Ellen married Joseph Martinell (Martinelli), brother of Anthony Mitchell M. I received info that there are references to Ellen in the family genealogy book by Fred G. Gregory, so was wondering if you still have the book, and if it is possible to get copies of the pages perptaining to Joe and Ellen etc. Joe and Anthony lived in Luverne before moving on to SD and MT. Thanks for your assistance. Samuel donated his entire estate to MN School for Blind in 1913 as he had no heirs…(but had a grandson, perhaps presumed deceased). Lois

  2. SCblogger says:

    Hi, Ms. Young!

    Our collection do not appear to contain any genealogy books written or edited by Fred G. Gregory. But if you would like for us to search our catalog for other family histories, please let us know through our eRequest form on our website: http://www.davenportlibrary.com/genealogy-and-history/ask-a-genealogy-question

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