The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett

Uncommon ReaderA very quick read (120 pages) about the Queen of England who discovers a love of reading when she wanders into a bookmobile. She reads widely and indiscriminately with the help of a young palace employee. She finds that she is changed by what she reads, as well as by the process of reading.

The Queen as a character is immensely likeable and honest, yet the author gives insight into the very real class and status differences she has always had to live with. One (as the Queen refers to herself) gives an insider view of what life as a monarch may be like.

The act of reading as subversive and suspect is also explored – very interesting for those who love reading, books and libraries. Though the style is light and funny, there are many poignant moments, and a surprise ending as well. Highly recommended.

3 thoughts on “The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett

  1. Hi Lynn. I’ve started reading this book and it’s excellent! Great insight into what the Queen’s life might be like. You might also like the DVD “Windsor Castle: a royal year” which shows the running of one of the Queen’s favorite palaces. It too shows a more personal side of the Queen.

  2. I enjoyed reading your review. Though not an avid reader, your review instills a desire in me to give the book a chance.

  3. I’m so glad I saw your review. I doubt if I would have been drawn to this book otherwise. I really enjoyed the Queen’s reading adventures.

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