The Inspirational Atheist by Buzzy Jackson

Here’s another gem from one of my collection areas! No matter your faith affiliation, this is a fantastic book to get a bit of inspiration and wonder when you’re feeling down. The quotations gathered in this well-organized volume capture the magic and mystery of being alive, with a good dose of humor thrown in the bargain.

Buzzy Jackson compiled The Inspirational Atheist to provide a secular counterpart to the many faith-based books of inspiration and wisdom. Pulling quotes from figures both historical and contemporary on a wide variety of subjects, Jackson provides food for thought no matter the reader’s beliefs. The quotes are organized into alphabetized topical chapters, which provides a targeted and searchable format.

I really appreciated how much work and care went into the compiling of the book; not only is it well-sorted into categories, but Jackson also worked hard to make sure all quotes were attributed correctly, and omitted any quotes that couldn’t be pinned down.

If you’re looking for a book with guidance and sincerity that will make you think, you might want to give this one a try.