Step Aside, Pops: A Hark! A Vagrant Collection by Kate Beaton

step aside popsStep Aside, Pops: A Hark! A Vagrant Collection is Kate Beaton’s third published book of comics, but fourth overall. (Other ones by Beaton that the library owns are Hark! A Vagrant and The Princess and the Pony.) This new graphic novel is a collection of strips from her webcomic, Hark! A Vagrant. Webcomics are generally self-published online and are sometimes even published into books or as single strips in magazines or newspapers depending upon their popularity.

In Step Aside, Pops, Beaton takes a turn at digging into the lives of various literary, historical, and contemporary figures and characters. Think of this graphic novel as a collection of Beaton’s musings and ideas about different people throughout history. Her obvious love of all things literature, historical, and pop culture related flow through this graphic novel as she dissects the lives of Wonder Woman, what it was really like to be a peasant in a time of no medicine or deodorant, and how different famous Alexanders handled rough situations throughout time. Crack open this graphic novel and you’ll see how Beaton reimagines the lives of Achilles, the founding fathers when they find themselves in a shopping mall, and even how Cinderella would have played out if she had been a bodybuilder.

Davenport Library Homepage – Cool New Feature!

dplThanks to requests from patrons, our Technology Wizards here at DPL have added a neat little feature to our homepage. They’ve put an easy-to-find link to “My Account” and “Renew Books” right on front page! (It’s always been available, but not on the homepage) Look for it at the top of the left hand column of links. Click here to check on how many books you have checked out, when they’re due and what you’ve got on hold. You can also renew any books that are coming up on their three-week checkout (unless, of course, someone else is waiting for it) Manage your account, all from the comfort of your computer!

Here’s another great time saver that you might not be aware of – all of the books, videos and CDs that we highlight here on the blog are linked directly to the computer catalog. Simply click on the title (or the picture of the book cover) and viola! you’re at the catalog, looking at the entry for that title. You can immediately see if the book is available or, if it’s checked out, place your hold right there. Simple! We’re happy to enable your reading/watching/listening habit!