taxesNow that I have your attention, it’s tax season. Hey, don’t kill the messenger.

Davenport Public Library tries to accommodate taxpayers that are e-file friendly, as well as those that need paper forms. For the record, the feds would greatly prefer that you do so electronically. 58% did so last year, resulting in faster filings and quicker returns… according to the IRS.

On the paper side, the Davenport Public library buildings are one of the few places which still distribute tax forms and publications you can use to prepare your return. The post office stopped this service in 2006. Though not a federal agency like the post office, we got a pallet of 50 cases last week. If the form you need is not one of the standard issue we stock in our displays at Main and Fairmount, one of the crack reference staff can help you locate it on the IRS’s labyrinthine site.

Most employers will be giving you your W2’s this month, if they haven’t already. Put it on the corner of your desk, but unlike last year, don’t wait until April 15th.