Everyday Thai Cooking by Katie Chin

everyday thai cookingI’m an adventurous eater, but I’m an easily intimidated cook.  I grew up making things out of boxes, so I tend to go with what is simple or familiar now that I cook mostly from scratch.  I figured out how to make a basic red chicken curry, and that has become my go-to (only) Thai recipe for years, despite Thai being one of my favorite cuisines.  That is, until I found Katie Chin’s Everyday Thai Cooking.

Everyday Thai Cooking is smart and accessible, and features easy-to-follow recipes, appetizing photographs, and informative tips and alternatives.  Most of the recipes clock in around 30 minutes or less, and the substitutions are especially helpful.  From Thai staples like Pad Thai and Spring Rolls to new favorites like Crispy Mango Chicken, the book has recipes for inexperienced and experienced cooks alike.