Little Free Libraries

Did you know that the library hosts three Little Free Libraries (LFL) around the city?  Well, we do!

Thanks to the generous donations of our community and the hard work of our FRIENDS organization, materials are made available to distribute through these weather-proof boxes.

I take care of the Duck Creek LFL.  I normally stock it weekly, usually on Monday nights.  I collect a mix of children’s, teen, and adult items from the library and drive to Duck Creek to fill up the box.

Typically, about one to one-and-a-half feet of books need to be restocked.  But on one recent visit, I found that the shelves of the LFL had been decimated.  There were less than a dozen books left!  Fortunately, I had just enough books in my supply box to fill the library back up.

Upon arrival.








After re-stocking.








As a steward, I’ve stocked “my” LFL mostly with popular reading choices:  Grisham, Connelly, Blume, and various other kids’ authors.  But, included among these titles there are some personal favorites that stand out in my mind:

  • vintage Little Golden Books.  They go like hot cakes!
  • a 1960’s version of Amelia Bedelia.  Oh, Amelia Bedelia, who drew a picture of the drapes when she was asked to close (draw) them.
  • a pristine board book about colors.
  • a hardback Richard Bachman title.  “Bachman” is the name Stephen King wrote under in the late 70s and early 80s.
  • dictionaries.   I simply LOVE giving away reference books!

Tragically, some books that catch my eye are simply too unwieldy to be stocked.  For example, atlases.  They are just too large for the shelves.

I encourage you to visit one of our LFLs and browse the current items.  You might just find an interesting title.   If you do, take it.  Visit again to see what is on offer the next time.

Our Little Free Library locations:

  • Duck Creek Park (across from the Stampe Lilac Garden)
  • Sunderbruch Park (at the Telegraph St. entrance)
  • Fairmount Street Bus Stop (across from the Fairmount Library)

Not near one of those?  Visit the Little Free Library World Map to discover what Little Free Libraries are near you.

You never know what you’ll find in a Little Free Library!