Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

Guest post by Kim C

I have found that this year, with all of the uncertainty in the world, has been a perfect time for some self-improvement. If you can’t change the way the world is going, at least you can work on changing yourself, right? Following up on a recommendation from a friend, I checked out Marie Forleo’s Instagram account for inspiration. Forleo stars in MarieTV and The Marie Forleo Podcast and runs a business training program to help entrepreneurs and business leaders achieve their goals.

And now she has written a book, Everything is Figureoutable. Forleo is from New Jersey and is proud of her heritage. She attributes this heritage to her motivational style; which is compassionate and friendly but also very direct and no-nonsense! This is not a book for anyone who is looking for excuses or permission to continue the status quo of his/her life. As the title says, and as Forleo repeats time after time throughout the book, everything is figureoutable and nothing should be allowed to stand in the way if you really want to achieve something.

While this is a catchy phrase and she encourages readers to adopt it as a mantra to keep them motivated, Forleo also illustrates her points with research, real-life examples, and her own experiences. This is a fact-based, actionable guide intended to instill optimism and determination in readers who are looking to make changes and meet goals.

Forleo has a very engaging writing style and the included written exercises are a must-do if you want to really benefit from this book. Everything is Figureoutable is the inspirational, optimistic book I needed this year. It might just be for you, as well.