Leslie F*cking Jones

Everyone knows the unapologetic and undeniable Leslie Jones.  Even if you never watched SNL, she never let you have a choice in the matter.  A print copy of this particular biography exists, but thankfully we have the e-audio book.  It was maybe recorded using notes.  As it should be, there is simply too much off the dome for her to be reading a manuscript.

Fun Facts:

  • Was a Division I women’s basketball player and reliable enforcer at Colorado State.
  • After twenty years as a wildly successful standup, Saturday Night Live was ready for her.  At SNL, she started pulling all-nighters at 47 with kids half her age.
  • Worked for a considerable amount of time as a Scientology telemarketer after lying on the job interview.

Stack this book next to all the others where the artist transmutes genuine pain into laughter.  Also, the title is no joke.  Needless to say, if you didn’t know every permutation of THAT word prior, you’ll hear them in short order and get plenty of exposure.   Any film record the Wolf of Wall Street held is shattered here by Chapter Two.