Delicious New Service at the Library!

Like anyone living with a budget, the Davenport Library strives to get the most value out of every dollar we spend. With that goal in mind, we sought to find dual purposes for our existing equipment and materials and we feel we have succeeded admirably! After careful research and the hard work of various committees, we have found a supplemental purpose for our book sorters. We are pleased to announce that we are able to offer a new and unexpected service, one that is sure to delight your entire family – Dewey’s Delicious Doughnuts!®

donut 1

Each book sorter at the Davenport Library has been retro-fitted with the Dynamic Multi-Tasking Do-It-All-izer™, a space-age gizmo that makes everything easier (if stickier) Our new enhanced sorters (now known as Book Checker-inners/Doughnut Makers Aggregator) represents a paradigm shift in library services; we are proud to be a leader in this new era of providing you the customer with the finest in information and fried dough!

donut 2Every day the Aggregators at each building will pull double duty, checking in library materials as they are returned and baking a variety of glazed doughnuts for your eating pleasure! (Cake doughnuts will be introduced later this year) Watch the progress of your made-to-order doughnut via monitor at Fairmount and Eastern, or through the windows at Main! Choose from a variety of glazes and icings (sprinkles are an additional cost)

Please remember – no food in the library!