Smart is the New Rich by Christine Romans

Most readers will recognize Christine Romans as the CNN business reporter and host of “Your $$$$$.”  But I wonder how many realize she hails from right here in the QCA?  Yup, that’s right!  Romans grew up in LeClaire, Iowa, and graduated from Pleasant Valley High School.  She went on to graduate from Iowa State University in 1993 and then began working for the Des Moines Register.  Later, she worked with a financial news firm in Chicago before hitting the big time with CNN in 1999.

But now, this TV reporter is an author of a practical, no-nonsense book about money.  It’s title, Smart is the New Rich, also happens to be a perfect fit for Money Smart Week, which is happening right now — April 2-9.  According to Romans, most of us need to start managing our money a little differently than we did before the economic bubble burst, and here are her 3 primary guidelines:

  • Live within our means
  • Live with less debt
  • Be less vulnerable

She further substaniates her message with 5 clear spending rules.  A perfect example of this is the subtitle, If You Can’t Afford It, Put it Down. Other classic rules include:

  • Think of money like nutrition
  • Negotiate everything
  • Always save first
  • Don’t deny yourself

Her book is proving popular, so come check it out and use Money Smart Week to get smart and rich!

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