Read Everything Janet Evanovich Wrote?

Then you may very well enjoy Lisa Lutz’s series about the nutty, but lovable Spellman family. Unfortunately, there are only four books in this series.

The Spellman Files introduces us to Isabel, the narrator, her incorrigible younger sister Rae, her parents, or “the Units” as she calls them, who run the family business. Because that is a private investigation firm, they spend much of their free time spying on each other – literally making secret tape recordings.

The series is written in the style of reports for a client, complete with footnotes,  (Isabel calls each book a “document.”)

Isabel, like Stephanie, has many personal issues. Rather than eating too much junk food, Isabel drinks too much. She has a hard time with commitment and, though she loves her family,  they also drive  her nuts.

She has a cast of eccentric friends that recur in each book. Petra, a hair stylist and Isabel’s best friend from high school, Morty, an octogenarian lawyer who tries to keep Isabel out of jail, and Henry Stone, a police detective, though normal himself, albeit exceptionally neat and healthy, gets ensnared by the Spellmans.

As will you,the reader….

One thought on “Read Everything Janet Evanovich Wrote?

  1. Another series close to the Stephanie Plum is the Bubbles Yablonsy series by Sarah Strohmeyer. Sarah Strohmeyer learned writing from Janet Evonvich, so her characters are just as funny. Bubbles is from LeHigh PA, is a beautian, reporter and sleuth. The books have characters like Stephanie Plum character and is just as funny. She hasn’t written a Bubbles book since 2006, which I have missed.

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