Online Reading Challenge – Wrap-Up

Hello Fellow Challengers!

How was your month of Science reading? Did you find something interesting to read?

I hope you have better luck than I did – this month was a no-go for me. Everything I picked up was too “science-y” for me and yes, I know that was the whole point of this month’s challenge! I don’t think it was necessarily the fault of the books or that they had too much science in them, I think it’s a case of just not finding anything appealing. I think most readers go through reading slumps, when you can’t find the right book. Sometimes other things in your life take priority and you don’t have much time to read. Or, you just finished something fantastic and you’re spoiled.

Fortunately, I didn’t give up on reading altogether. I kept reading books, they just weren’t “science-y”! I will, however, admit to having watched a lot of Big Bang Theory re-runs – does that count?

As I always say, there are no Library Police. I may have missed this month, but I’m going to pick up again starting tomorrow with the next challenge!

OK, now it’s your turn – what did you read for September?

2 thoughts on “Online Reading Challenge – Wrap-Up

  1. This is actually the first challenge this year I have managed to complete. We’ll ignore the fact that I started the book in July. 😅 The bulk of my reading was done in September so I’m counting it!

    I read Radium Girls by Kate Moore. It was about the watch painters whose experiences we have to thank for modern day workplace safety measures. A bit slow to start it was morbidly fascinating to look back in time to before we understood the devastating effects of radioactive substances and, as an added layer of interest, half of the book took place in Ottawa, Illinois.

  2. Yay Jessica! Thanks for joining us in the Online Reading Challenge! It sounds like you picked a good book to start with. One of our librarian’s had a grandmother who was a Radium Girl – it really makes history personal. Glad you enjoyed the book! Ann

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