Online Reading Challenge – Wrap-Up

Hello Friends and Readers!

Time to wrap-up the Reading Challenge for May. How did you do? Did you find something fun and intriguing? Or was this month a miss for you?

I read Nine Women, One Dress by Jane Rosen and it was a delight. The story centers on one perfect little black dress and the nine different women who wear it. With a little bit of sly help from the Bloomingdale’s sales people, the dress gets into the hands of the woman who most needs it each time. Simple and elegant, it makes every woman who wears it feel special and confident. Not every woman who wears it has a “happily ever after” story, but each gets what they deserve or need.

I’ve been reading a lot of books set during World Wars I and II lately and, while I enjoy reading about that time period, the change of pace to something lighter was great. The book was quick to read, with lots of characters to root for. Highly recommended.

I found it interesting how fashion, which many may consider frivolous in world with so many problems, can transform a person, how the right clothes can give you armor to make it through the day or express your personality or improve your mood. Actors use costumes to create and inhabit a character, the rest of us can use clothes to express ourselves and shape our day.

Now it’s your turn. What did you read (or watch) this month? Let us know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Online Reading Challenge – Wrap-Up

  1. I’ve fallen off the Reading Challenge wagon but hopping back on for June. This book looks good!

  2. I’d heard so much Golden Globe and Emmy buzz about The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story that I decided to watch the series. I thought it would have way more to do with fashion than it did! Still, it was entertaining, though way more focused on things other than fashion design and Versace’s role as designer! since it felt a bit like cheating, I also browsed through a non-fiction children’s book about costume design through the ages – something that has always interested me.

    I still feel like I didn’t fulfill my month’s duty here! Maybe in the future I’ll read The Gown or Nine Women, One Dress – both sound very enjoyable!

  3. There’s no cheating and no guilt with the Online Reading Challenge! Just encouragement! I loved both The Gown and Nine Women, One Dress. Nine Women is a great “palette cleanser” – quick and light but well written and thoughtful. Ann

  4. Hop on (or off!) any time! And yes, Nine Women, One Dress was lots of fun (and quick to read) Ann

  5. For May (how can we be so far into June already??!!), I read a memoir by a young American model determined to make her way in the in the fashion industry. In The Currency of Love, Jill Dodd gives us unsurprising insight into the world of high fashion. Moving to Paris opened up new opportunities as well as new dangers. In a world where more is more, Jill found that knowing the right people would open doors that she wanted to go through. Eventually married to a Saudi Arabian billionaire as a favored pleasure wife, she found that more was not enough. Leaving behind the whirlwind world of constant parties, drugs, sex and seduction, she returned to California to start her own international fashion line.
    I’m not sure if I would have stuck with this book if not for the challenge. It wasn’t a subject I was particularly interested in, and her lifestyle annoyed rather than intrigued me. I think Nine Women, One Dress would have been a much more enjoyable read!

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