Online Reading Challenge – Mid-month Check In


How is your reading going this month? There’s certainly a lot to choose from! I hope you’ve had a chance to stop by one of our locations for ideas on what to read.

If you’re still stumped, or pressed for time, how about a movie? All those great clothes (And hats! Everyone wore hats!) and classic cars – movies and television shows are a great way to immerse yourself in mid-century atmosphere. Here are some suggestions.

That Thing That You Do – Tom Hanks directed and starred in this charming story of a group of teens that are propelled into stardom in the early days of rock and roll.

L.A. Confidential – Gritty, complex and riveting, this look at a corrupt Los Angeles police department is chilling. Outstanding performances by Russell Crowe, Guy Pierce and Kim Basinger among others.

M*A*S*H – The classic television series starring Alan Alda. It’s a comedy (“Frank Burns eats worms!” still cracks me up) but it’s also a drama with an unflinching examination of the cost of war.

Mad Men – An inside look of the world of the glamorous and high-powered “Golden Age” of advertising, ruled by the men of Madison Avenue. A riveting examination of the times and how much things have (and haven’t) changed.


3 thoughts on “Online Reading Challenge – Mid-month Check In

  1. I looked through ” Retro Recipes From the ’50s and’60s”. I started writing down but realize there were too many to list. Lots of the recipes used a crockpot, but we cooked them the traditional way. They have Creamed Chipped Beef for dinner instead of breakfast. Some of the recipes had slightly different ingredients. The salad recipes made me think of Home Ec class. I learned Waldorf and Ambrosia salads and brought the recipes home to my mother.

  2. I just finished Expecting to Fly: a Sixties Reckoning by Martha Tod Dudman. Still haven’t decided if I liked the book or not. The author shares a frank account of coming of age in the time of sex, drugs, and rock and roll as she ponders whether all the parties and confusion and excitement was the best part of her life, or if it was even really worth all the trouble. Was the experience important in shaping who she finally became, or was that time something to hide in embarrassment? Either way, the author treats her younger self with gentleness and kindness, even if sometimes exasperated with the choices made when seen in hindsight – a lesson we can all take forward.

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