Online Reading Challenge – March Wrap-Up

Hello Fellow Challenge Readers!

How did your reading go this month? I hope you found something that grabbed your interest!

I read Dana Stabenow’s The Singing of the Dead, one of the Kate Shugak mysteries set in Alaska. It took me a bit to get into the book and in fact, I thought I might not be able to finish it. I was confused by the large cast of characters (it probably didn’t help that I didn’t start with the first book in the series!) and at first I wasn’t sure about Kate herself. But I stuck with it and pretty soon I got caught up in the story and came to really like Kate (and Mutt).

Kate Shugak, a private investigator in Alaska, is hired to act as security for one of the candidates running for state senate who has received threatening notes. Kate is a Native and knows and understands the people, their concerns and how they live in such a unique and isolated part of the world. As she tags along with the candidate on the political trail, she sees little evidence of any threats, but she does discover a lot of corruption and betrayal within the campaign itself. When first one and then another person connected to the candidate is shot and killed, Kate joins forces with police detective Jim Chopin to find the killer.

Parts of the novel are set in the earliest days of the state, when the gold rush brought people of all kinds to the territory including “ladies of the evening”. I enjoyed this look at  the rough-and-tumble history and the guts and determination required to survive. I thought the ties between the sins of the past and the present-day murders were a little shaky, but I tend to read mysteries for the characters and the setting which, in this case, did not disappoint!

Now it’s your turn – what did you read this month?

3 thoughts on “Online Reading Challenge – March Wrap-Up

  1. I read “The Cold Dish” by Craig Johnson. It took a long time to get into it; I wasn’t invested until about halfway through. And I wasn’t terribly enamored of any of the characters. But it wasn’t a bad read and it had a twist at the end that I never figured out.

    This book was definitely outside my usual read, so it was a win on that front! I’ll stick with watching Longmire on Netflix and not continue the books, though.

  2. I listened to the latest in the Longmire Series “Next to Last Stand” by Craig Johnson. The longmire series is based in Wyoming, with the main character Walt Longmire, sherriff of Abarosa County. This story is based on the painting “Custer’s Last Stand” was not destroyed in a fire in 1949. Walt and the cast of characters solve the mystery of where the painting has been.

  3. I read Blue Heaven by C. J. Box. It was good but rather predictable. I really liked a couple of the characters.

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