Online Reading Challenge – February Wrap-Up

Hello Readers!

How did your February reading go? What wonderful, magical, mind-twisting book did you discover this month? Or was it the opposite and nothing caught your fancy?

I’m afraid I fell into the second category, somewhat. I failed to finish The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman – it just wasn’t working for me. It felt very dark and very sad to me and I just couldn’t finish it (it doesn’t help that a kitten was killed early in the book) Harm/abuse of children or animals will keep me away from any book, no matter how good it’s supposed to be. I also have no trouble not finishing a book if it’s making me unhappy – there are too many good books out there that add value than to continue to read just for the sake of finishing!

However, I did finish a book that fits very neatly into the Neil Gaiman magical-realism read-alike category – my reserve for The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab came in and I couldn’t put it down. Thoughtful, intriguing and surprising with a twisting storyline that keeps you guessing (and hoping). One of our librarians, Stephanie, wrote a blog post about it last month with an excellent summary and examination of it’s appeal. Go read it for more details!

So, while I might not have read what I had planned to, I still finished this month’s challenge!

What about you – did you finish this month’s challenge? (Remember, no judgement if you didn’t – there are no Library Police!)

6 thoughts on “Online Reading Challenge – February Wrap-Up

  1. I intended to read Terry Pratchett’s “the color of magic” but I only just started yesterday. There’s still 2 days left in February so I might still finish it. I’m still in the exposition but if it picks up and sucks me in, I could easily finish it in a few hours so we’ll see!

  2. Like you I couldn’t a title I like, so I read for March. Next to Last Stand by Craig Johnson, latest in the Longmire Series.

  3. I read Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. This is not my type of genre at all but I 100% enjoyed this book. I found it unique, witty, and clever. There was one character who was fond of eating dead animals and I too find that a bit disturbing but other than that I loved the story.

  4. Another series that is supposed to be very good. Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading with us! Ann

  5. OK, now I’m intrigued by that title – I’ll have to add that to my TBR list. Thanks for reading with us! Ann

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