Online Reading Challenge – April Wrap-Up

Hello Fellow Readers!

How did your reading about reading go this month? I have just one word for how mine went – fail! Argh! I had every intention of reading a book this month, in fact I had three titles as possibilities. I also thought I would have lots of down time this month but in fact I did not. Everything came together (in a bad way) to keep me from getting much reading done.

Has this ever happened to you, where you go through a period of not having time to read, or nothing catches your attention? While I don’t think I’m in a full-blown reading slump (I’ve already read a book for next month!), I have struggled in the past with reading inertia. If this dread syndrome ever happens to you, here are some ideas to  get yourself back on the reading train.

How to Break Out of a Reading Slump from Bookish

19 Ways to Beat a Reading Slump from Book Cave

Bookish Things to Do While in a Reading Slump from Book Riot

And for a bit of humor: 10 Stages of a Reading Slump from Odyssey

Now it’s your turn – what did you read for April? Have you ever been in a reading slump and if so, how did you get yourself out of it?

2 thoughts on “Online Reading Challenge – April Wrap-Up

  1. Thanks for the links! I’m always on the look out for reading tips. I skimmed the articles and was reminded of end of semester read breaks. I generally read a lot, but somehow being required to read can really zap my enthusiasm! So at the end of each semester during college I found that for about a week, or maybe even two, I did not read anything. Not the cereal box, not notes from my kid’s school, not even road signs while driving. (ok, maybe I read the signs.) When I was finally partially read-rested, I was able to move on to magazine articles. Or newspapers. Yep. Back in the day. Finally, about the time for the next semester to start I was able to pick up a mindless novel. So glad to be able to read to my little heart’s content now!
    For the challenge this month I picked up The Public Library: A Photographic Essay by Robert Dawson. While it wasn’t a lot of reading, I did take the entire month to fully enjoy it. Each library presented has it’s own charm and it’s own feel. I love how each photo offers a sense of the library patrons and the community. Makes me want to go on a library pilgrimage myself!

  2. I love your story about becoming read-rested after intense required reading! Very smart! And your idea of going on a library pilgrimage is brilliant – there are so many beautiful libraries both in the United States and around the world. Let’s go! Ann

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