Lie Down and Be Counted!

Cat napDid losing that hour of sleep leave you feeling like you could use a nap today? Well, you’re in luck because the first Monday after the return of light saving time is officially National Napping Day. This observance is designed to make people aware of the health and productivity benefits of napping, especially at the workplace.

To help convince your boss that workplace napping is a great idea, check out The Art of Napping at Work by Camille and William Anthony (154.6 Ant) The authors present everything from nap management to ideas for converting the napaphobics among us.

When presenting your case for the necessity of nap time at work, don’t be afraid to drop the names of famous nappers like JFK, Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison, “Nap-olean” Bonaparte, Johannes Brahms, Jim Lehrer, and Bill Clinton. If these highly effective people napped, shouldn’t we all be able to catch a few winks at work?

As National Napping Day is observed let’s also remember that on March 10, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, and nap time has never been the same since.

What about you, do love naps as much as me?

3 thoughts on “Lie Down and Be Counted!

  1. I like naps in theory, but have never been a good napper myself. Maybe I need more practice?!

  2. I definitely think you need more naps, we all do! Keep working on it and you too can became an expert.

    I am always amazed by those nappers who can fall asleep in a few minutes. It takes me 20 minutes to get to sleep, and then nap time is over.

  3. Wow! Napping at work, and a book that provides evidence of the benefits. I like that the blogger has suggested a book to check out and included the call number. Also, the factoids on famous nappers was interesting. Thanks.

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