Frugal Librarian #9: 8 Bits in Your Belly

dollardayYou say you want to make your money go further, but how much conviction do you have to go through with it?  Doubtfully not as much as these people.

In case you hadn’t heard, these two dietary extremists decided a few months ago to get by for thirty days on $1 worth of food per day. They used the power of bulk buying and have the math and recipes to prove it. The fellow lost a bunch of weight, they were weak and tired all the time, and they had to blow what little surplus they had on Tang to avoid scurvy.

All of this to illuminate the fact millions of people subsist on this food budget around the world.

There are some ingredient ideas, however, that you could work into your own routine to relax your waistline and wallet.

For their hardship the two are semi-famous world travelers and have a book deal in the works.  A nice trade off don’t you think?

One thought on “Frugal Librarian #9: 8 Bits in Your Belly

  1. What a fascinating experiment. It’s not something I would even attempt, but it certainly sheds light on the issues of poverty and food supply. Maybe they can parlay this into a new diet plan!

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