Frugal Librarian #19: Tips from “Bud”

The next few Frugal Librarian blog posts are ideas gathered from Chris Farrell’s new book, The New Frugality.  Farrell  is the host of the public radio program Marketplace Money.

Bud Hebeler is a retired aerospace engineer from Boeing that founded the conservative financial advice website Below are some of his top savings tips:

-Arrange for automatic savings deposits from your paychecks
-Sell things you don’t really need on the Net or elsewhere
-Downsize your home or rent. Renting provides mobility to get jobs elsewhere in the country
-Grow your own vegetables
-Buy items with cash
-Rule out cars, cell phones, or iPods for children—or even for yourselves
-Make do with old computers, and software. Use no downloads requiring payments
-Try to get lower-cost TV, Internet, and telephone services
-Turn down the thermostat and wear sweaters

One thought on “Frugal Librarian #19: Tips from “Bud”

  1. Common sense things that certainly add up. Be prepared to have people make fun of you though when you practice frugality! I don’t have a TV (hence no cable), and I have my thermostat set at 58. People think I’m a nut. I am, but not for these reasons!

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