Frostings by Courtney Whitmore

frostingsMy Mother claims (and she’s an excellent cook so you can believe her) that the secret to a great cake is the frosting. An ordinary box cake can be transformed to extraordinary with homemade frosting while poor frosting can ruin even the fanciest cake. And don’t even talk to me about canned frosting! Homemade frosting doesn’t have to be difficult (even a non-cook like me can make great frosting!) and here’s the book to prove it.

Frostings by Courtney Whitmore is filled with scrumptious recipes and simply gorgeous photos, showing cakes that are fun, festive and very beautiful. Here is a case where judging a book by its cover is a good idea – just look at that pink confection! Don’t miss the recipe for Swiss buttercream or the many tips and techniques that are both practical and delicious. Yum!

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