Eagle Watching

One of the (many) great things about living in the Quad Cities is the Mississippi River – its beauty, its recreational opportunities and its wildlife. January and February are prime time for eagle watching. A lot of Americans have never or only rarely seen a bald eagle in it’s natural habitat, yet for Quad Citians they’re a common sight in the winter. Attracted to the open water of the river near the dams, hundreds of these magnificent birds congregate along the river during the coldest months.

Fight off cabin fever and take advantage of some of the great programs and viewing opportunities including Bald Eagle Days (today through Sunday) at the QC Expo Center, eagle watches at the Mississippi River Visitors Center on Arsenal Island (reservations required) through February, and the LeClaire Eagle Watch, January 24-25.

For more information about bald eagle events and watching, including a list of the best viewing areas in the Quad Cities, be sure to visit the Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau website.

Want more? Check out these books from the library:

The Bald Eagle: Haunts and Habitats of a Wilderness Monarch by Jonathan Gerrard

Raptors of North American: Natural History and Conservation by Noel Snyder

The American Eagle: a Photographic Portrait by John Pezzenti

Return of the Eagle: how America Saved its National Symbol by Greg Breining

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  1. A great place to go eagle watching is on S. Concord Street in Davenport. Because the wastewater treatment plant is in this area, there is always open water. It’s amazing how many eagles you can see feeding in the area, especially when the river is frozen over in most other places. It’s well worth the drive.

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