DVDs for July

July 7

knowingKnowingNicolas Cage, Rose Byrne

A college professor opens a time capsule that has been dug up at his son’s elementary school. In it are some chillingly accurate predictions of disaster: when, where, and how many will die. Most of these events have already happened, but he must uncover the details of the next disasters in hopes of preventing them. If he fails, who knows how many will die? Midwest Tapes

July 21

coralineCoralineDakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher

A young girl walks through a secret door in her new home and discovers an alternate version of her life. This parallel reality is eerily similar to her own life, only much better. When the adventure turns dangerous, Coraline must count on her resourcefulness, determination, and bravery to get back home and save her family. Midwest Tapes

July 28

fastFast and Furious – Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriquez

The gang is back! Dom, now a fugitive on the run, must team up with his onetime friend Brian, now an FBI agent, to find a loved one’s killer. Midwest Tapes

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