Cooking Green by Kate Heyhoe

cooking-greenWe’ve all become very aware of our environment, it’s perilous condition and how we impact it every day. Many of us have taken steps to reduce this “carbon footprint” by recycling, using less energy, cutting back where we can. But have you considered your “cookprint”?

In Cooking Green Kate Heyhoe explains that your cookprint is the environmental impact produced by your kitchen, then clearly advises you on how to reduce yours. A lot of her ideas are common sense – buying Energy Star appliances for instance – but some are techniques you may not be familiar with. For instance, she advocates passive cooking which takes advantage of residual heat – start your lasagna in a cold oven, then turn it off 15 minutes early leaving the oven door closed till finished. You’re still cooking the foods you want, just doing it smarter.

Heyhoe looks at each zone in the kitchen (cooking, cleaning, refrigerating) and discusses the best green alternatives. She also talks about the food itself – buy local as much as possible, consider the impact of production and transportation of other foods, eat more plants than animals. She explores the higher environmental costs of meat and seafood, but offers smart, simple ways to reduce their negative impact.

Of course, who would go green in the kitchen if there wasn’t anything good to eat? Heyhoe addresses that too, including 50 delicious recipes, from main course to vegetables to desert, with tips and ideas on the best way to prepare them. Each recipe has a “green meter” which tells you exactly what you’re saving (in energy, time and money) The dishes are simple and practical and would be a great way to help you take advantage of seasonal foods from the farmer’s markets.

This fun and fascinating book will entertain and educate the cook and non-cook alike.

3 thoughts on “Cooking Green by Kate Heyhoe

  1. This sounds like a very cool book. I so agree with putting things in a a cold oven (unless baking pastries) and turning off the oven before things are done. And I’m all about buying local. The (outdoor) Farmer’s Market is only a week away here in Davenport!!

  2. I’m the author of Cooking Green and spent 2 years researching this book. It’s been highly praised, and readers can see more about it at along with sample recipes. There are so many ways we can all shrink our cookprints, using the same recipes we grew up with and just tweaking the ways we cook them. Many thanks for sharing this with your community. – Kate Heyhoe

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