Coffee, Anyone?

p10100331In honor of Cams Coffee House’s grand opening at the Fairmount Street Library, here are some novels to enjoy while you partake of their wares:

Grounds for Murder by Sandra Balzo is the first in her coffee-themed mystery series, starring Maggie Thorsen, a Milwaukee coffee shop owner. Her books provide a fun way to get insider knowledge of the coffee shop culture. There is always a healthy competition among the city’s coffee shops and baristas.

The Various Flavors of Coffee by Anthony Capella. “A well made cup of coffee is the proper beginning to an idle day,” says Robert Wallis, a marginal poet with great belief in his artistic, as well as coffee, expertise.Through a chance encounter, he gets a job in the coffee trade and travels the world, encountering romance and evolving into a more interesting and complicated human being. Because his task is describing the nuances of coffee, this is the perfect book to enjoy while sipping a dark, bold brew.

Espresso Shot by Cleo Coyle is the eighth in her Coffeehouse Mystery series. Clare Cosi is the manager of the Village Blend, in Greenwich Village. Romantic interest is provided by encounters with Detective Mike Quinn, as Clare repeatedly encounters foul play. Again, caffeine fiends will enjoy the coffee industry details, and the New York setting.

To complete the experience, slip in the lovely and soothing soundtrack to Sleepless in Seattle, while you sip your Cams latte, (made with SBC, Seattle’s Best Coffee).

3 thoughts on “Coffee, Anyone?

  1. Thanks for sharing those “atmosphere” mysteries. The coffee house and the coffee industry provide unique backgrounds for a mystery. I look forward to reading your suggestions.

    Background, atmosphere and setting add the flavor (no pun intended : ) ) to a good murder mystery, and when I read mysteries, that’s what I look for.

    I also try to craft an interesting atmosphere and background when I write mysteries. For instance, my book, Publish or Perish (, is flavored by the university atmosphere of its setting. The fact that the novel takes place on and around a college campus is an important part of the story. Just as the university atmosphere is almost a character in and of itself in my novel, the coffee shop is almost a character in the the Coffeehouse Mysteries. Thanks for your recommendations.

  2. For the anti-coffee crowd, try “Memoir from Antproof Case” by Mark Helprin. The main character believes coffee is the root of all evil in the world! Beyond that, it’s an absolutely wonderful book full of incredible adventures.

  3. Another interesting novel with some coffee facts is Michelle Richmond’s “No One You Know.” I learned a little about the whole process of buying, roasting and tasing coffee.

    I must make it out to Cams and then visit some of my very favorite librarians!

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