Are you ready for some Puppies?!

The Super Bowl means one thing to me: PUPPY BOWL! Why would I want to watch men run into each other aggressively when I can watch puppies roll around together adorably?! This year’s Puppy Bowl VI airs Feb. 7 on Animal Planet at 2 pm central time , and it is going to be awesome–Animal Planet has just announced that in addition to the playful Kitty Halftime Show, there will also be Bunny Cheerleaders and a Hamster Camera Crew! Can’t wait for all the action? Head on over to Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl website and you can check out the Puppy Starting Line-up (so far my pre-game favorites are Bandit, Kiva and Fava), play puppy puzzle games, learn how to adopt and care for a puppy, and meet the equally adorable Puppy Bowl Ref:

It is nice to know that no matter what happens in the Super Bowl, the puppies always win!

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