October is National Archives Month

October is National Archives Month, when we attempt to “Celebrate the American Record.” If not for all these records, there would be very little for researchers to go on when it came to family history or investigating political, social or economic events. Ephemera collections, photographic images and historic newspapers all need to be investigated by competent researchers in order to yield a complete picture. Simply accepting a great story as a fact because it appeared in a county history can be a huge mistake! One needs to investigate to see if the storyline is even plausible.

Accessibility and preservation of these records are key components of the process. In order to celebrate, access to items is essential. Keeping in mind that we want our descendants to share the same opportunity one hundred years from now, archivists concern themselves with proper preservation techniques and environments. Preservation is paramount to the accessibility and use of all records.

Please join our celebration! Go ahead and bring in that photograph you have been trying to date. We have resources and people who can help!

Take advantage of our Genealogy Night on Sunday October 4 from 4 – 9 p.m.  Join others as they pour over records here in the Special Collections Center.  Beginners welcome! Just bring as many names, dates and places as you can to help us help you find the records you need to climb your family tree!

Celebrate the American Record at the Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Center of the Davenport Public Library. Go history!

(Submitted by Karen)

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