Davenport Library Online Reading Challenge – 2023

Welcome to the 2023 Online Reading Challenge!

Get ready for our eighth year of reading recommendations with our super-casual, low-stress reading club! It is run entirely online through the Davenport Library’s reference blog Info Café.

Our theme for 2023 is Location Location Location! Any realtor will tell you that location is of vital importance for a property – a building can be remodeled or even built from scratch, but that beautiful view of the river can’t be reproduced. Similarly, the location of a novel can have a huge impact on the story. I’ve chosen a critically acclaimed title for each month with a location that greatly impacts the story. Besides the main title, we’ll have suggestions for books set in a similar place as well as many more on display at each of our buildings. You can choose to read the main book or alternate titles or even something else completely! At the end of the month I’ll write about the main title, and pose some questions about how the location influenced the story and invite you to comment your observations about the title you read.

Of course, as always, you may do as you please – there are no Library Police! So if you wish to skip a month, or read more than one book in that month or read a book from a different month – go for it! No one will drag you off to Library Jail if you choose your own path!

The 2023 Online Reading Challenge begins on Tuesday, January 2. Be sure to follow the Info Café reference blog for more information and updates!