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Davenport reviews 2000, sets 2001 goalsLundahl, CatherineLeader2001-01-03A1--Davenport. City Council/IMAX--Theater/Figge Arts Center
Figge Art Center plans are off the drawing boardLundahl, Catherine WorsleyLeader2001-02-28Special42--Davenport Museum of Art/Special Events and Projects--Quad-Cities Quest for Community Progress
Davenport submits Vision Iowa plan: we are standing on the verge of a whole new downtown Davenport...Today, everyone should be proud to be Davenporters.: Launching a renaissance: by today, the tall stack of binders and drawings that detail what DavenpoIckes, BarbQuad-City Times2001-03-10A1drawing-Economic Development--Davenport(Iowa)/Davenport(Iowa)--Budget and Finance/Vision Iowa/River Renaissance/AgTech Venture Capital Center/Figge Arts Center/River Music History Center/Rhythm City Skywalk
Davenport Food pantry forced out for 2nd time: church group must make way for art museumSaul, TomQuad-City Times2001-05-25C1photo-Food Pantries/Churches United of the Quad-City Area/Buildings--Davenport(Iowa)--3rd Street, 211/Figge Arts Center(Davenport, Iowa)/Davenport Art Museum
Food pantry finds new home: Siding business steps forward with downtown siteSaul, TomQuad-City Times2001-06-16B1--Food pantries/Aford Siding and Window/Churches United of the Quad-City Area/Ebeling, John/Figge Arts Center/Buildings--Iowa--Davenport--4th Street East, 320
Davenport Museum of Art revamps plans: Shorter building will be a block closer to MississippiSaul, TomQuad-City Times2001-07-24A1images-Davenport Museum of Art (Davenport, Iowa)/Figge Arts Center (Davenport, Iowa)
Good thing it doesn't take a city to raise a museumIckes, BarbQuad-City Times2001-08-02C1viewpoint-Davenport Museum of Art (Davenport, Iowa)/Figge Arts Center (Davenport, Iowa)
Wilkinson has designs on stronger DavenportWillard, JohnQuad-City Times2001-09-09B5photo-Wilkinson, Dana J./Figge Art Center/Museum of Art Foundation/Paragon Commercial Interiors Inc.
New museum will be work of art: site improvement under way; building begins in JanuaryCarnahan, WhitneyLeader2001-11-23A1--Davenport Museum of Art/Figge Arts Center
Search continues for new director at Museum of ArtCarnahan, WhitneyLeader2001-11-23A5--Davenport Museum of Art/Figge Arts Center
Figge plans finalized; new gifts are unveiled: 82,000-square-foot art center to house museum, gift shopSaul, TomQuad-City Times2002-04-05A1photos-Figge Arts Center
Figges celebrate namesake: Figge Arts Center contributions total almost $25 millionGeyer, ThomasQuad-City Times2002-05-30C1--Figge Arts Center/Figge, V.O./River Renaissance
Of big bucks and yellow school busesWundram, BillQuad-City Times2002-05-31A2--Figge Art Center/Soenke, Ella
Arts center officials consider privatizing: They believe the move would help with fund raisingSaul, TomQuad-City Times2002-07-15A1image-Figge Arts Center
Woman from National Gallery to head Figge: Record in fund raising, education were keys to hireSaul, TomQuad-City Times2002-07-17A1--Downs, Linda/Figge Arts Center
National Gallery expert is tapped to run FiggeCarnahan, WhitneyLeader2002-07-19A7--Downs, Linda/Figge Arts Center
New museum needs money: board will need to triple income at Figge Arts CenterCarnahan, WhitneyLeader2002-07-19A1--Figge Arts Center
New Figge director greets public: Linda Downs brings education resume to art museumGeyer, Thomasquad-City Times2002-07-20A3photo-Downs, Linda/Davenport Museum of Art/Figge Arts Center
Museum needs a rudder first-Quad-City Times2002-07-21A6editorial-Downs, Linda/Figge Arts Center
Big money, big expectations: Linda Down has been hired to bring the Figge Arts Center from drawing board to realityIgnatius, JeffRiver Cities' Reader2002-07-24-7--Downs, Linda/Figge Arts Center
U.S. Bank gives land for Figge: Drive-up, parking will relocate as $1M deal closesYoungquist, ChrisQuad-City Times2002-08-07A7photo-Figge Arts Center/U.S. Bank/Davenport Museum of Art Foundation
Figge Arts Center breaks ground: Ceremony marks new beginning for Q-C art: $30 million center set to open doors in March of 2005Baker, Deirdre CoxQuad-City Times2002-09-06A1photo-Figge Arts Center
Topping it off: Ceremony showcases progress on the Figge: Museum 'under budget, on time' officials saySaul, TomQuad-City Times2002-10-03A4photo-River Renaissance/Figge Arts Center
Redstone rehab almost complete: Figge Arts Center: ground broken in Sept., construction by Dec.\Adler Theatre: Design concepts are expected soon.\Parking ramps: completed by Feb., to be open by MarchSaul, TomQuad-City Times2002-10-13A1--Redstone Building/River Renaissance/River Music History Center/Adler Theatre/Skybridge/Figge Arts Center/Parking and Parking Ramps
Reinventing the Davenport Art MuseumSpeer, Mary LouiseQuad-City Times2002-11-16G4--Davenport Museum of Art/Figge Arts Center
Council asked to eliminate museum jobs: Privatizing services would help DMA balance budgetSaul, TomQuad-City Times2002-12-03A3--Davenport Museum of Art/Figge Arts Center/Davenport (Iowa). City Council
DMA allowed to contract out security and cleaningSaul, TomQuad-City Times2002-12-05A3--Davenport Museum of Art/Downs, Linda/Figge Arts Center/Davenport (Iowa). Employees
Deere give museum $1M: Center within $4M of fund-raising goalCooper, CraigQuad-City Times2002-12-17A1photo/list of major donations-Figge Arts Center/John Deere Foundation/Charitable Donations
A $1M Christmas gift: Deere gift propels arts center toward its fundraising goalBrecht, ToryLeader2002-12-20A1--John Deere Foundation/Figge Arts Center
Artists discuss Figge Arts Center-Quad-City Times2003-03-01A5--Davenport Museum of Art/Art/Figge Arts Center
Artists say Figge needs more local artIgnatius, JeffRiver Cities' Reader2003-03-05-17--Figge Art Center/Davenport Museum of Fine Art
Figge Arts Center members considering new boardCarnahan, WhitneyLeader2003-04-11A4--Figge Arts Center (Davenport, Iowa)
Project to run over its budget: River Renaissance work is expected to be finished on timeSaul, TomQuad-City Times2003-05-07A3photo-River Renaissance/DavenportOne/Mississippi Hotel/Adler Theatre/Skywalk/Figge Arts Center
Update: River Renaissance: Figge jumps ahead but Adler plans lag: Davenport might seek state extension due to setbacks at the theaterSaul, TomQuad-City Times2003-07-18A1photo-River Renaissance/Adler Theater/Mississippi Hotel/Vision Iowa/Figge Art Center
Board to vote on Figge changesSaul, TomQuad-City Times2003-07-29A1--Davenport (Iowa). City Council/Davenport Museum of Art/Figge Arts Center
Downs sets new tone for the Figge Arts CenterIgnatius, JeffRiver Cities' Reader2003-08-27-12--FIgge Arts Center/Downs, Linda
City shows off its downtown projects: Conventioneers party to rebirthSaul, TomQuad-City Times2003-09-26A3photo-Downtown Davenport/Parking and Parking Lots/Economic Development--Iowa--Davenport/River Renaissance/Mississippi Plaza/Figge Arts Center/John O'Donnell Stadium
KONE donates bust of Wright: Figge will display unique sculpture of the architectCooper, CraigQuad-City Times2003-09-26A1photo-Figge Arts Center/Statues/KONE Inc./Wright, Frank Lloyd
Q-C museum receives windfall: Alcoa Foundation grants $130,000 to Figge Arts CenterHummel, BetsyQuad-City Times2004-01-10A4--Grants-in-aid/Alcoa Foundation/Figge Arts Center
Bank pitches in for Figge: Wells Fargo gifts $100K donation to museumSaul, TomQuad-City Times2004-01-27A3--Figge Arts Center/Wells Fargo & Co.
River Renaissance update: some projects ready, others are in planningSaul, TomQuad-City Times2004-05-02A1--River Renaissance/Parking and Parking Lots/Redstone Building/River Music Experience/Figge Arts Center/New Ventures Center/Skybridges/Adler Theatre
Figge to meet Big Apple: Name change, first exhibit setSaul, TomQuad-City Times2004-05-13A1--Figge Art Museum (Davenport, Iowa)/Museums
Davenport, Iowa, puts its faith in ambitious projects to help rejuvenate riverfront townStorch, CharlesQuad-City Times2004-05-23B10Reprinted from Chicago Tribune-John O'Donnell Staidum/Downtown Davenport/River Renaissance/River Music Experience/Figge Art Museum
First look at Figge Art Center: 'World-class' expectations: Opening may fall between July 4 and Bix weekendsBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2004-08-17A1photo-Figge Art Center/Museums
Embracing Diversity in the visual arts: as the Figge Art Museum takes shape, so does a downtown Davenport Arts District-River Cities' Reader2004-08-25-6photo-Figge Art Museum
Construction worker falls at Figge siteMcGlynn, AnnQuad-City Times2004-09-10A3photo-Accidents--Industrial/Figge Art Museum
Visitors flock to street fair: donations help support Figge Art MuseumFudge, TamaraQuad-City Times2004-09-12A3--Special Events and Projects--Beaux Arts Fine Arts Fair
Davenport sculpture getting new home-Quad-City Times2004-09-15A4photo and caption-RiverCenter/Figge Art Museum/Art/LeWitt, Sol
LeWitt moving Sunday to Figge: 54-ton sculpture will travel down 3rd St. at 2 mph-Quad-City Times2004-10-02A1photo-Art/RiverCenter/Figge Art Museum/LeWitt, Sol
Museum closing precedes opening: stage gets set for Figge Art MuseumFudge, TamaraQuad-City Times2004-10-03A4--Buildings--Iowa--Davenport--12th Street West, 1727/Davenport Museum of Art
Aart relocation proves herculean: 60,000-pound sculture (slowly) rolls to new homeCook, LindaQuad-City Times2004-10-04A1photo-Art/LeWitt, Sol/RiverCenter/Figge Art Museum
Museum signs its name, in a big way: First lok at Figge logo: Windows give wide esposure to museum nameBaker, Deirdre CoxQuad-City Times2004-11-23A1photo-Figge Art Museum
Davenport's Figge Art Museum: Pending appraisal details not public: Alderman: Value of the art collection should be made known to city's taxpayersSaul, TomQuad-City Times2004-12-08A1photos-Davenport (Iowa). City Council/Public Records/Figge Art Museum/Davenport Museum of Art
Aldermen want art value made public: Figge director cites security concernsSaul, TomQuad-City Times2004-12-10A4--Public Records/Davenport (Iowa). City Council/Figge Art Museum/Davenport Museum of Art
Area artists excited about positive Figge relationship: Museum's director working with Q-C arts communityBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2004-12-12H1--Figge Art Museum/Downs, Linda
River Renaissance: Davenport is growing-Quad-City Times2004-12-26A4--River Music Experience/Skybridges/Figge Art Museum/Mississippi Hotel/River Renaissance
Transplanting Figge, one box at a time: The art of movingGaul, AlmaQuad-City Times2005-02-01A1photo-Figge Art Museum
Tripping the light fantastic: Figge will feature natural, artificial illuminationGaul, AlmaQuad-City Times2005-02-02A3photo-Figge Art Museum
Imagine that: Figge nearly completeKrans, BrianLeader2005-02-13Special18--Figge Arts Center
Debate kindles over art values: Brooke is looking for ways to block public accessSaul, TomQuad-City Times2005-04-10A1--Davenport (Iowa). City Council/Figge Art Museum/Public Records/Brooke, Charlie/Meyer, Keith
Two months and counting: Figge officials get ready for Aug. 6 openingBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2005-06-05H1--Figge Art Museum
Figge Plaza awash in lights; anticipation builds: museum opens for sneak previewGeyer, ThomasQuad-City Times2005-06-11A1photo-Figge Art Museum
Builders allowed early peek at Figge: Art museum opens doors to the people who put it togetherMa, WayneQuad-City Times2005-07-24A1--Figge Art Museum
Figge: it will change your viewWiese, Daris M.Leader2005-07-29A1--Figge Art Museum (Davenport, Iowa)
A Figge first look-River Cities' Reader2005-08-03-11photo-Figge Art Museum(Davenport, Iowa)
Figge prepares for grand opening: Art museum set to open SaturdayMcNamara, ChristinaQuad-City Times2005-08-03A1--Figge Art Museum
Through an expert's eyes, Figge is still impressiveBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2005-08-05A1photos-Figge Art Museum
A Mississippi Masterpiece-Quad-City Times2005-08-06U1photos and Special Section-Figge Art Museum (Davenport, Iowa)
Art world descends on Figge: daylong grand opening unveils $46.9M museumBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2005-08-06A1--Figge Art Museum (Davenport, Iowa)
Q-C museum opens to the world: Figge unveiledBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2005-08-07A1photo-Figge Art Museum (Davenport, Iowa)
Grand opening for the FiggeCarnahan, WhitneyLeader2005-08-12A5photo-Figge Art Museum
City's art collection may be sold: Money could be used to hire more police, lawyer saysSaul, TomQuad-City Times2005-08-17A4--Davenport (Iowa)--Budget/Art/Figge Art Museum/Fritzsche, Tom
Alderman: City art not for sale: Mayor: Idea won't be consideredSaul, TomQuad-City Times2005-08-18A5--Art/Davenport (Iowa). City Council/Figge Art Museum/Fritzsche, Tom
Vision before fruitionBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2005-09-17A1photos-Chipperfield, David/Figge Art Museum
Museum restaurants: a recipe for success; fine art, diningBrecht, ToryQuad-City Times2005-09-18A1photo-Restaurants, Lunch rooms, etc./Figge Art Museum/Restaurant 225 (firm)
Iowa City store owners will run the Figge storeBilyeu, TerryQuad-City Times2005-09-26A11--Figge Art Museum/Design Ranch (firm)
The Figge-Quad-City Times2006-01-01A4Year in review-Figge Art Museum
Sleek new Figge exhibits are both in and out of the museumBrennan, EamonnLeader2006-02-10Special17--Figge Art Center
Gothic memories: Figge's Grant Wood collection brings back recollections of model's visitDavis, ShirleyQuad-City Times2006-02-26H1photo-Figge Art Museum/Wood, Grant/Graham, Nan Wood
Figge reaping rewards of energy efficiency-Quad-City Times2006-04-19A9--MidAmerican Energy Company/Figge Art Museum
Figge reaps rewards of energy efficiency: Art museum gets $296,000 check from MidAmericanWillard, JohnQuad-City Times2006-04-20B1--Figge Art Museum/MidAmerican Energy Company
Figge's director resigns for NYC positionBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2006-05-16A3--Figge Art Museum/Downs, Linda
Museums enrich Davenport fifth-graders: Music, art and the river flow into their mindsHeitz, DavidQuad-City Times2006-05-24A3photo-River Music Experience/Figge Art Museum/Schools, Public--Iowa--Davenport--Curriculum
Figge finds friends: museum is meeting attendance goals, still seeking additional grants and donorsJackson, JaneeLeader2006-07-14A1--Figge Art Museum
Report 2006: changing course: Davenport's downtown development boom continues-Quad-City Times2006-07-30F1photo-Figge Art Museum/RiverCenter/Adler Theater/Davenport Lofts/Davenport (Iowa). Police Department/Scott County (Iowa). Jail/Palmer College of Chiropractic
Artful anniversary: Museum getting ready to celebrateVaughn, KatieQuad-City Times2006-08-04A1photos-Figge Art Museum
Restaurant 225 at Figge Museum closes its doors: Investors say Davenpot eatery might reopenVaughn, KatieQuad-City Times2006-10-11A4--Restaurant 225/Figge Art Museum/Buildings--Iowa--Davenport--Second Street West, 225
Murder at the Figge: innovative programming brings images of deathJarrell, ReggieLeader2007-02-16A1--Figge Art Museum (Davenport, Iowa)
Figge predecessor was the 1st municipal gallery in Iowa-Quad-City Times2007-03-26A2--Figge Art Museum/Davenport Museum of Art/Buildings--Iowa--Davenport--2nd Street West, 225
Fundraising campaign expected to begin this year as Figge keys on endowmentGaul, AlmaQuad-City Times2007-03-26A1photos-Figge Art Museum
New director is hired for art museum: Sean O'Harrow has lived in England for several yearsBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2007-06-21A1--O'Harrow, Sean/Figge Art Museum
With four months on the job, Sean O'Harrow has surveyed the museum and is ready to plan the Figge futureBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2007-12-23H1photo-O'Harrow, Sean/Figge Art Museum (Davenport, Iowa)/Art Gallerys
Fall Beaux Arts Fair moves to Figge plazaBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2008-09-06B1--Figge Art Museum/Special Events and Projects--Beaux Arts Fine Art Fair
University of Iowa collection to find a home at the Figge: art has been stored in Chicago since summer floodsGaul, AlmaQuad-City Times2009-01-24A1photo-Figge Art Museum/Art
Sharing of their art: Museum, company partner to exhibit famed, extensive worksBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2009-12-27A1photos-Deere and Company/Figge Art Museum
Figge finds event caterer: Heart of America to partner with museum for eventsBrecht, ToryQuad-City Times2010-01-26B1--Figge Art Museum/Heart of America Restaurants and Inns
Figge turns 5: Davenport art museum celebrates anniversaryBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2010-08-05A1photo-Figge Art Museum
Masks at the Museum: Local artist helps Figge celebrate HalloweenGeyer, ThomasQuad-City Times2010-10-29A1photo-Figge Art Center (Davenport, Iowa)/Walters, Bruce
Farewell to the Figge: Sean O'Harrow's leaving the top job at Q-C art museum, but he'll stay closely attachedBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2010-11-07H1photo-O'Harrow, Sean/Figge Art Museum
A year of transitions: Big changes took place on the area's A&E landscape in 2010Burke, DavidQuad-City Times2010-12-26H1photos-Capitol Theatre/The Freight House/Figge Art Museum/Antique Archaeology/Fritz, Frank/Wolfe, Mike/Colby-Cushman, Danielle/Quad-City Roller Girls/IH MIssissippi Valley Blues Festival/Quad-City Symphony Orchestra/Putnam Museum/IMAX Theatre/Madson, Nick
Davenport's Figge Art Museum picks Californian as boss: Schiffer was director of Ventura County museumBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2012-06-28A1--Figge Art Museum/Schiffer, Tim
Grant Wood sketchbook comes home to Figge: Book was stolen in 1965-66; came up for auction in 2013Gaul, AlmaQuad-City Times2014-09-27A1photo-Wood, Grant/Artists/Figge Art Museum
Figge's pitch for more funds gets cool reception from cityWellner, BrianQuad-City Times2014-11-25A1photo-Figge Art Museum
Maquoketa 'Portrait' to call Figge its homeBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2014-12-16A2--Art/Figge Art Museum/Portrait of Maquoketa/Frantzen, Rose
What might have beenBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2015-05-30C1photos-Figge Art Museum
Figge celebrates anniversaries with free admission to Sept. 20Burke, DavidQuad-City Times2015-06-20A3photo-Figge Art Museum/Riverboat Development Authority
Architect hears ideas for Figge plazaBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2015-06-24A11--Bechtel Plaza/Figge Art Museum
Figge celebrates its first decade today-Quad-City Times2015-08-06A3--Figge Art Museum
Figge, Genesis team up with Genie the robot: New technology will help guide people around local museumBaker, Deirdre CoxQuad-City Times2015-08-21A1--Robots/Genesis Health System/Figge Art Museum
Architect looks back at Figge growth: Sir David Chipperfield returns for 10th anniversaryBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2015-09-11A1photo-Special Events and Projects--Figge Art Museum 10th Anniversary/Figge Art Museum/Chipperfield, David
Prairie partnership takes root in the Q-C: Figge art exhibit is open nowGaul, AlmaQuad-City Times2016-06-02A1photo-Prairies/Environment/Tallgrass Q-C/Singh, Tony/Singh, Joyce
Q-C barber becomes part of art exhibit: event explores 'race and conditionitng in the Midwest'Schorpp, DougQuad-City Times2017-04-02A3--McLemore, Joe/Barbers/Joe's Barbershop/Art--Exhibitions/Figge Art Museum/Pinder, Jefferson/Racism
Figge to exhibit works of Monet, Renoir, Degas: Community groups will collaborate with programmingGaul, AlmaQuad-City Times2018-01-24A1--Figge Art Museum/Schiff, Timothy/Exhibitions/Impressionist artists
Figge showcases Davenport NAACP history-Quad-City Times2018-02-10B1--Figge Art Museum/National Association for the Advancement of Colored People--History--Exhibitions
This is just a little slice of history': Figge hosts display honoring 100th year of Davenport NAACPGeyer, ThomasQuad-City Times2018-02-16A3--National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Davenport Branch--History--Exhibitions/Figge Art Museum
Downtown Davenport, Figge launch public art study-Quad-City Times2018-03-08A6--Downtown Davenport Partnership/Figge Art Museum/Dahlquist Art Studio/RDG Planning and Design/Art, Municipal
Crowd hears presentation on future artistic vision of riverfront: Audience shares ideas for DavenportGeyer, ThomasQuad-City Times2018-03-21A5--RDG Dahlquist Art Studio/Figge Art Museum
On Davenport tour, the French killed it: attendance reacords set at FiggeIckes, BarbQuad-City Times2019-01-10A1--Figge Art Museum/French Moderns
'Community initiative': Business group, Figge unveil new riverfront design conceptLukitsch, BillQuad-City Times2019-02-16A1--Waterfronts/Downtown Davenport Partnership/Figge Art Museum/Main Street Landing/Dahlquist, David/Dahlquist Studio/RDG Planning and Design/RiverVision/
Aldermen consider new agreement for FiggeLukitsch, BillQuad-City Times2019-03-20A5--Figge Art Museum/Davenport (Iowa). City Council
Michelle Hargrave chosen to lead Figge Art Museum-North Scott Press2019-11-27A21--Hargrave, Michelle/Figge Art Museum
Finding sense of normalcy again: Figge reopens to the public, with guidelines to prevent spread of virusShaw, Laura AndersonQuad-City Times2020-06-10A5--Figge Art Museum
15 years, 15 days: Figge Art Museum celebrates anniversary with slate of mostly virtual eventsShaw, Laura AndersonQuad-City Times2020-07-31B5--Figge Art Museum/Hargrave, Michelle
Figge hopes for new 'blockbuster': Response to online programs has been tremendousGaul, AlmaQuad-City Times2021-01-09A1--Figge Art Museum/Hargrave, Michelle
Power of Pop Art: Figge brings Warhol and other pop artists to exhibitDraisey, BrooklynQuad-City Times2021-06-25A6--Schnitzer, Jordan/Figge Art Museum
Crime spurs differing options: Davenport officials return from D.C. trip with different viewsBarton, TomQuad-City Times2021-07-10A1--Crime/Skybridge/Figge Art Museum/Davenport (Iowa). Police Department
No one arrested, yet, in parking ramp shootingsIckes, BarbQuad-City Times2021-09-18A1--Redstone Parking Garage/Figge Art Museum/Crime--Shooting
Quad-Cities cultural staples work to make spaces more inclusive, accessibleDraisey, BrooklynQuad-City Times2021-12-29A1--Figge Art Museum/Putnam Museum and Science Center/Quad-City Symphony Orchestra
Heading home: After flooding in Iowa City in 2008, the Figge Art Museum took in a large part of Stanley Museum of Art's collection. The works are moving back nowDraisey, BrooklynQuad-City Times2022-04-25A1--Figge Art Museum/University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art/Wilson, Katherine
Bereskin partners with Figge: Gallery & Art Academy transitions classes to Figge, Family MuseumDraisey, BrooklynQuad-City Times2022-05-20A9--Bereskin, Pat/Figge Art Museum/Family Museum/Bereskin Art Academy/Kidwell, Kim
Alternating Currents to feature Stephen KingDraisey, BrooklynQuad-City Times2022-06-10A3--Alternating Currents/Stephen King Rules Festival/Figge Art Museum/Dollar Baby
A 'beacon along the river': Figge hopes lighting project makes museum glowWatson, SarahQuad-City Times2022-09-22A1--Figge Art Museum/Hargrave, Michelle/Lighting/Destination Iowa
Designer: Let's give them something to brag about: Landscape designers present concept plans for the Bison BridgeDraisey, BrooklynQuad-City Times2022-10-14A1--Bison Bridge/Coryell, Jake/Landscape Forms/Landscape Architecture Foundation/I-80 Bridge/Figge Art Museum
Fashion in action at Figge exhibitDraisey, BrooklynQuad-City Times2023-02-11A1--Figge Art Museum/Sporting Fashion: Outdoor Girls 1800 to 1960
Figge stays dry, popular: Building's design helps vs. high water; crowds may growDraisey, BrooklynQuad City TImes4/27/2023A3 Figge Art Museum/Woeber, Tom/Russell, Zachary/Floods and Flooding/Mississippi River
Figge names senior curators: Sage, Johnson bring experience to jobHanevold, GannonQuad City Times2024-01-19A3Figge Art Museum/Sage, Vanessa/Johnson, Joshua
Figge executive director to leave: Michelle Hargrave has led museum since 2019Hanevold, GannonQuad City Times2024-03-15A3Figge Art Museum/Hargrave, Michelle/Singh, Aleeza
$14M in art donated to Figge: Long-time art collectors donated 44 art piecesHanevold, GannonQuad City Times2024-06-12A1Figge Art Museum/Lewis, Linda and J. Randolph/