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Host of ghosts face eviction: Gallery of Memories at 11th hour-Daily Times1963-04-25-22photos-Davenport Museum of Art/Buildings--Iowa--Davenport--5th Street, West, 120/Iowa. National Guard
Want to see Wood? Q-C has some-Quad-City Times1983-06-26A1--Wood, Grant/Davenport Museum of Art
Gallery director appeals firingTheobald, BillQuad-City Times1986-06-20-19--Davenport Museum of Art/Hoffman, Larry/Davenport (Iowa)/Figge, Thomas
Art gallery board chosen-Quad-City Times1986-06-25-29--Davenport Museum of Art
Gallery board isn't talking about director's dismissal-Quad-City Times1986-06-26-14--Davenport Museum of Art/Hoffman, Larry/Davenport (Iowa)/Stetson, Daniel/Davenport (Iowa). Civil Service Commission
Gallery director appeals firing, questions president's residencyThomson, RodQuad-City Times1986-07-01-21--Davenport Museum of Art/Hoffman, Larry/Davenport (Iowa). Civil Service Commission/Figge, Thomas
Bloom leads 'Showcase' artists-Leader1986-09-24D1--Davenport Museum of Art/Bloom, John
Gallery director sues over firingGrau, ScottQuad-City Times1986-10-17A23photo-Davenport Museum of Art/Hoffman, Larry/Davenport (Iowa)
Old tradition lives on -- Potters guild finds homeLane, MarilynLeader1987-01-14C6photos-Davenport Museum of Art/Davenport Art Gallery Pottery Guild
Stetson takes reins at Museum of ArtEisele, JulieQuad-City Times1987-04-28A3photo-Davenport Museum of Art/Hoffman, Larry/Stetson, Daniel
Sign helps welcome new Museum of ArtDavis, ShirleyQuad-City Times1987-06-23A2photo-Art Gallery/Davenport Museum of Art/Figge, Thomas K./Herrera, Mary/Herrera, Paul
Fired art museum director's lawyer blasts city tacticsGrau, ScottQuad-City Times1987-08-10A3--Davenport Museum of Art/Hoffman, Larry/Davenport (Iowa)/Stetson, Daniel/Davenport (Iowa). Civil Service Commission
Big plans at Museum of ArtStegmaier, MarkQuad-City Times1987-08-16G1--Davenport Museum of Art/Hoffman, Larry/Davenport (Iowa)/Stetson, Daniel/Davenport (Iowa). Civil Service Commission
Fired museum chief will get his appealOxnevad, KarlQuad-City Times1987-08-17A1--Davenport Museum of Art/Hoffman, Larry/Davenport (Iowa)/Stetson, Daniel/Davenport (Iowa). Civil Service Commission
Arguments begin in firing disputeGrau, ScottQuad-City Times1987-08-21A3--Davenport Museum of Art/Hoffman, Larry/Davenport (Iowa)/Stetson, Daniel/Davenport (Iowa). Civil Service Commission
Hoffman gets reinstatementGrau, ScottQuad-City Times1987-08-26E1--Davenport Museum of Art/Hoffman, Larry/Davenport (Iowa)/Stetson, Daniel/Davenport (Iowa). Civil Service Commission
Art museum's ex-director relishes job reinstatementGrau, ScottQuad-City Times1987-08-28A3--Davenport Museum of Art/Hoffman, Larry/Davenport (Iowa)/Stetson, Daniel/Davenport (Iowa). Civil Service Commission
Documents reveal why official was firedGrau, ScottQuad-City Times1987-09-02A3--Davenport Museum of Art/Hoffman, Larry/Davenport (Iowa)/Stetson, Daniel/Davenport (Iowa). Civil Service Commission
Portrait of Grant Wood, loving brother: Sister paints story in scrapbooks of Iowa artist who rescued familyRyberg, WilliamDes Moines Register1987-11-03T1photos-Davenport Museum of Art/Wood, Grant
Painting, sold in Depression, comes home to Museum-Quad-City Times1988-01-06C1photo-Davenport Museum of Art
Davenport, museum director reach settlement-Quad-City Times1988-04-01-3--Davenport Museum of Art/Hoffman, Larry/Davenport (Iowa)/Stetson, Daniel/Davenport (Iowa). Civil Service Commission
Contemporary art exhibit stops in Q-CArpy, JimQuad-City Times1988-04-10B1photo-Davenport Museum of Art
Eagle presents Davenport with sesquicentennial paintingWillard, JohnQuad-City Times1988-04-25G3--Davenport Museum of Art/Konrad, Jim
Gift to art museum helps us see our heritage-Quad-City Times1988-04-28-3photo-Davenport Museum of Art/Konrad, James
Palmer sculpture display opens at Museum of ArtDavis, ShirleyQuad-City Times1988-05-22G2photo-Palmer, Agnes/Davenport Museum of Art
Leaders launch Art Museum driveRenkes, JimQuad-City Times1988-11-18A3photo-Art Gallery/Davenport Museum of Art
Museum of Art nets advance gifts of $150,000-Quad-City Times1988-11-30D3--Art Gallery/Davenport Museum of Art
New lights add extra flair at art museumCook, LindaQuad-City Times1989-03-26K11--Davenport Museum of Art/Stetson, Daniel
Battleship art returns to view: Museum of art brings work out of mothballs as a memorialWillard, JohnQuad-City Times1989-04-21M14photo-Art Gallery/Davenport Museum of Art
Show debuts in a splash of color-Quad-City Times1989-04-30H3photos-Art/Davenport Museum of Art/Shaw, Loren
Davenport told: Rehire directorRyberg, WilliamQuad-City Times1989-08-27A1--Davenport Museum of Art/Hoffman, Larry/Davenport (Iowa)/Stetson, Daniel/Davenport (Iowa). Civil Service Commission
New Davenport Museum of Art curator enjoys areaJensen, JulieQuad-City Times1989-12-13C12--Davenport Museum of Art/Roberts, Brady
'A sense of wonder': You can catch a glimpse of Haiti in extensive exhibitCook, LindaQuad-City Times1989-12-23-13photo-Davenport Museum of Art
Art museum showcases area talentCook, LindaQuad-City Times1990-03-25K24photo-Art Gallery/Davenport Museum of Art
The new public artWundram, BillQuad-City Times1990-06-10A2photos-Davenport Museum of Art
At Davenport, 'Special Delivery: Murals for the New Deal Era'Nusbaum, EliotDes Moines Register1990-06-24F7photo-Art/Davenport Museum of Art
Beaux Arts artists display their wares this weekend in DavenportJensen, JulieQuad-City Times1990-09-05B6--Davenport Museum of Art/Beaux Arts Fair
Art museum shows off its bestCook, LindaQuad-City Times1990-12-12C1photo-Art Gallery/Davenport Museum of Art
Museum masters: Davenport Museum of Art showcases its major collectionsCook, LindaQuad-City Times1991-01-06G1photos-Davenport Museum of Art
Open house honors Grant WoodSchultz, JohnQuad-City Times1991-03-03H3photos-Davenport Museum of Art/Wood, Grant
Museum of Art celebrates in style: 'Classics on View' marks gallery's 65th anniversaryCook, LindaQuad-City Times1991-03-17J11photos-Davenport Museum of Art
Drawing from life: Life Drawing class sharpens artists' skillsVirobik-Adams, KevinLeader1991-04-17B3photo-Art/Davenport Museum of Art
Art exhibit on Vietnam War will come to DavenportCook, LindaQuad-City Times1991-05-18C1--Davenport Museum of Art/Wars--Vietnam War
Museum director resigns: Administrator gets $11,250 severanceArland-Frye, BarbQuad-City Times1991-05-29A1--Davenport Museum of Art/Stetson, Daniel
The art of war: Vietnam is focus of Museum of Art's latest exhibit-Quad-City Times1991-06-02G1photos-Davenport Museum of Art/Wars--Vietnam War
Art from the heartland: Museum showcases brightest regional talentsCook, LindaQuad-City Times1991-08-17E1photo-Davenport Museum of Art
Davenport Museum of Art will let you in on a secret: 'Behind the Scenes' tour shows you a new side of its many exhibits-Quad-City Times1991-09-08G1photo-Davenport Museum of Art
Quilt art helps sew up important messages: Internationally known artist comes to Davenport Museum of ArtParker, ShenethaQuad-City Times1992-02-10C1photo-Art/Ringgold, Faith/Davenport Museum of Art
The fine print: Davenport Museum of Art show celebates the fine art of printmakingJensen, JulieQuad-City Times1992-02-12B1photos-Davenport Museum of Art/Bogdanowicz, Ingrid
John Curry exhibit opens at Davenport Museum of Art-Quad-City Times1992-02-29C6--Davenport Museum of Art
Museum attracts attenion: Vietnam memorial exhibit exposes thousands to artCook, LindaQuad-City Times1992-03-15K9photo-Towner, Mark/Davenport Museum of Art
Museum gets new director: Davenport's search cost nearly $17,000Arland-Frye, BarbQuad-City Times1992-05-09B1--Davenport Museum of Art/Bradley, Steven
Museum unveils Haitian artCook, LindaQuad-City Times1992-07-16B1--Davenport Museum of Art
Camp opens new worldCloat, LisaQuad-City Times1992-08-18-1photo-McDowell, Shaun/Davenport Museum of Art
Taking part in Q-C art: Newest face at museum is director'sJensen, JulieQuad-City Times1992-08-19A1photo-Bradley, William Steven/Davenport Museum of Art
Regional Art Showcase makes a move to the unconventionalCook, LindaQuad-City Times1992-08-30G1photos-Davenport Museum of Art/Buildings--Iowa--Davenport--12th Street, West, 1737
Museum fair invites old, new, different, bold-Quad-City Times1992-10-18G5--Davenport Museum of Art/Buildings--Iowa--Davenport--12th Street, West, 1737
Art exhibit is inspirational: Mexican retablos show Advent traditionBawden, SarahQuad-City Times1992-12-05M8photo-Davenport Museum of Art
You don't have to know much about art to enjoy Family DayToner, BarbaraLeader1993-03-03A2--Davenport Museum of Art
Working to open new worlds: Art museum strives for better accessBradley, SteveQuad-City Times1993-03-07P6photo-Art Museums and Galleries/Davenport Museum of Art/Bradley, Steve
'Bouquets to Art' is April 16-18 at Davenport Museum of ArtJensen, JulieLeader1993-04-07B4--Art Museums and Galleries/Davenport Museum of Art
The art of flowers: Museum of Art and Florist Club put together a bloomin' exhibit-Quad-City Times1993-04-17W1photo-Art Museums and Galleries/Davenport Museum of Art/Tri-City Florist Club
Quilt display runs through Aug. 1-Leader1993-06-23B6--Davenport Museum of Art/Special Events and Projects - National Quilting Association Show
Quilting comes in vogue: works are moving into the art worldCook, LindaQuad-City Times1993-06-26W1photo-Davenport Museum of Art/Special Events and Projects - National Quilting Association Show
'Booster' arrives in townJensen, JulieLeader1993-06-30A9--Davenport Museum of Art
Davis display: evolution of an artistJensen, JulieLeader1993-09-08B4--Art Museums and Galleries/Davenport Museum of Art
Museum exhibits religious art: display also features sculptures-Quad-City Times1993-12-25M4photo-Davenport Museum of Art
Colescott conducts workshops-Leader1994-02-09C3--Davenport Museum of Art
Bold Strokes is well namedJensen, JulieLeader1994-03-02C4--Davenport Museum of Art
Mexican exhibit is shown at the Museum of Art-Quad-City Times1994-06-04W3--Davenport Museum of Art
Museum gets grant-Quad-City Times1994-07-06M3--Davenport Museum of Art
Free family party features art-Leader1994-11-30C10--Davenport Museum of Art
'Word in Art' is exhibitedJensen, JulieLeader1994-11-30A2--Davenport Museum of Art/Artists
Museum of Art opens new center-Quad-City times1994-12-03W3--Davenport Museum of Art
Museums team up for 'The Heat is on'-Leader1994-12-21C7--Special Events and Projects--The Heat is On/Putnam Museum of History and Natural Science/Davenport Museum of Art
Museum displays Chicago Imagism-Quad-City Times1995-01-07W1photo-Davenport Museum of Art--Children's Center
Not just child's play: adults can join youngsters in fun at Children's CenterKatz, JeffreyQuad-City Times1995-01-07W1photo-Davenport Museum of Art--Children's Center
Davenport museums turn up heat-Quad-City Times1995-01-14W1--Putnam Museum of History and Natural Science/Davenport Museum of Art
Davenport Museum of Art exhibit pays tribute to The King: displays include paintings and photosDyer, JimQuad-City Times1995-02-11M1--Davenport Museum of Art
Just a hunk, a hunk o'burning love-Quad-City Times1995-02-11A1photo-Peters, Danny/Davenport Museum of Art
Elvis lives! At the Davenport Museum of ArtLeary, SeanLeader1995-02-15B1photo-Davenport Museum of Art
The king lives at Museum of Art-Quad-City Times1995-02-26E3photo-Davenport Museum of Art
Museum of Art: sketches plans: $6.3 million expansion project springs to life from drawing boardTibbetts, EdQuad-City Times1995-03-12A-photo-Davenport Museum of Art
Museum of Art sketches plans: $6.3 million expansion project springs to life from drawing boardTibbetts, EdQuad-City Times1995-03-12A1photo-Davenport Museum of Art
Art museum plans new look for 75th anniversaryJensen, JulieLeader1995-03-22A2--Davenport Museum of Art
Joining forces: Art museum and Putnam work together for successTibbetts, EdQuad-City Times1995-03-26Our great54photos-Putnam Museum of History and Natural Science/Davenport Museum of Art/Bradley, Steve/Smith, Michael/Awards--Quad-Citians of the Year
'American Gothic' visits Q-C: Painting will hang in local art museumCook, LindaQuad-City Times1995-04-14M3--Davenport Museum of Art
Museum puts the spotlight on printmakers: exhibit showcases Q-C regional artists-Quad-City Times1995-04-30E4--Davenport Museum of Art
Artists unmask beauty of working with tape-Quad-City Times1995-06-23T4--Davenport Museum of Art/Manco Nation Tape Art Tour
Arts have a $3.3 million price tagJensen, JulieLeader1995-07-06A1--Quad-City Arts/Quad-City Symphony Orchestra/Davenport Museum of Art
Visitors: Haiti not ready for tourists: group builds Museum of Art's Haitian exhibitJensen, JulieLeader1995-08-09A8--Davenport Museum of Art
Davenport Museum features sculptor Gaston Lachaise-Quad-City Times1995-10-01E2--Davenport Museum of Art
Feast your eyes: at Davenport Museum of ArtJensen, JulieLeader1995-10-18B1photo-Davenport Museum of Art
WQPT-TV show features Museum of Art-Leader1995-11-01A3--Davenport Museum of Art
The truth about Grant Wood book takes new look at artistJensen, JulieLeader1995-11-29B1photo-Davenport Museum of Art/Roberts, Brady
Grant's world: The famous Iowan was much more than a rural artist: a new exhibit shows how his work fit into a broader international picture.Nusbaum, EliotDes Moines Register1995-12-24F1photos-Artists/Wood, Grant/Davenport Museum of Art
The Heat is On at Davenport museums: Museum of Art and Putnam team up for activitiesBarker, TrishLeader1996-01-10B2--Davenport Museum of Art/Putnam Museum of History and Natural Science
Grant Wood exhibit will open with gala-Quad-City Times1996-02-04T1--Davenport Museum of Art/Wood, Grant
Picture-perfect food and artwork: marvelous menu will be the highlight of a gala premiere party for The Grant Wood exhibit at Q-C art museumMeegan, LizLeader1996-02-21C1photo-Davenport Museum of Art
Grant Wood exhibit opens Saturday-Leader1996-03-20B3--Davenport Museum of Art
'American Gothic' is back on Iowa soil: a retrospective of Iowa artist Grant Wood's work, which includes the famous painting of the dour-faced couple, opens Saturday.Wiley, DeboraDes Moines Register1996-03-22A1photos-Davenport Museum of Art/Wood, Grant
An American Original: Wood exhibit is dream come true for museumCook, LindaQuad-City Times1996-03-23W1photo-Art/Wood, Grant/Davenport Museum of Art (Davenport, Iowa)
Art and science come together on Museum HillCook, LindaQuad-City Times1996-03-24Catch the48photos/list of Quad-City museums pg.49-Davenport Museum of Art (Davenport, Iowa)/Putnam Museum of History and Natural Science/Museums
Iowans exposed to Wood beyond just his 'Gothic'Wiley, DeboraDes Moines Register1996-03-25A2--Davenport Museum of Art/Wood, Grant
Grant Wood: Q-C exhibit looks at American masterJensen, JulieLeader1996-04-03B1photo-Wood, Grant/Davenport Museum of Art
DMA gets award-Leader1996-05-22B7--Davenport Museum of Art
Art auction fundraiser is literally Off-the-Wall-Leader1996-06-12B2--Davenport Museum of Art
Meet the QC's newest acquisition-Quad-City Times1996-06-25--photo-Davenport Museum of Art
Grant Wood painting 'returns' to Iowa: Davenport Museum adds to collectionCook, LindaQuad-City Times1996-06-25M3--Davenport Museum of Art/Wood, Grant
Painting's auction comes at a great time for DMA-Leader1996-07-03A5--Davenport Museum of Art
Q-C museum meets grant challenge: Wood exhibition gives financial boost-Quad-City Times1996-09-09----Davenport Museum of Art
DMA wins grant-Leader1996-09-11A3--Davenport Museum of Art
The Davenport Museum of Art has been awarded the 1996 Iowa Tourism Award for its exhibition ...-Leader1996-11-06A3--Davenport Museum of Art/Awards--Iowa Tourism Award, 1996
Davenport Museum of Art's plans will put you in the holiday spirit-Leader1996-12-11B4--Davenport Museum of Art
Fifth-graders are touring museums-Leader1996-12-11B7--Davenport Museum of Art/Putnam Museum of History and Natural Science
Museum wins award-Leader1996-12-11D5--Davenport Museum of Art
Q-C museum gets valuable painting: Academy presents $15,000 work of artCook, LindaQuad-City Times1996-12-16M1photo-Davenport Museum of Art
Exhibit shows off opulence of Baroque artJensen, JulieLeader1996-12-24B3--Davenport Museum of Art
Art museum gets $15,000 painting-Leader1997-01-01B4--Davenport Museum of Art
Museums will sizzle this weekend as they host 'The Heat is on"-Leader1997-01-15B2--Davenport Museum of Art/Putnam Museum of History and Natural Science
Art and FoodMeegan, Liz Leader1997-02-05C1photo-Davenport Museum of Art/Ryser, Jeff/Rosenquist, James/Artists/Cooking
It's almost time for the big show: retrospective spans 30 years of artist Rosenquist's careerCook, LindaQuad-City Times1997-02-24M1photo-Davenport Museum of Art/Rosenquist, James
Time Dust comes to DavenportJensen, JulieLeader1997-02-26B5--Davenport Museum of Art
Art lovers become part of artist's work: Davenport museum holds premiere benefitCook, LindaQuad-City Times1997-03-01M2--Davenport Museum of Art/Rosenquist, James
Rosenquist show dazzlesJensen, JulieLeader1997-03-05B5--Davenport Museum of Art
Print studio carves niche: Davenport Museum of Art's Intaglio press ready for publicLansman, LisaLeader1997-03-26A6--Davenport Museum of Art
Making a splash with art: James Rosenquist visits Q-C for exhibitCook, LindaQuad-City Times1997-04-08T1photo-Davenport Museum of Art/Art/Rosenquist, James
Off-the-Wall auction set for May 2-Leader1997-04-16B3--Davenport Museum of Art/Special Events and Projects--Off-The Wall Auction
Arbissers donate Iaccarino painting-Quad-City Times1997-06-29E6photo-Arbisser, Amir/Arbisser, Lisa/Art/Iaccarino, Ralph/Davenport Museum of Art
Showing Off: Davenport Museum of Art will display talent from both sides of the riverCook, LindaQuad-City Times1997-07-06E1photo-Davenport Museum of Art/Art
Tell me a Story opens Tuesday at Museum of Art-Quad-City Times1997-08-31E1photo-Davenport Museum of Art/Art
Art on the move: traveling Landfall Press exhibition comes to Q-CCook, LindaQuad-City Times1997-09-11T1photo-Davenport Museum of Art
Davenport art museum receives highest honor-Quad-City Times1997-09-30M1--Museums/Davenport Museum of Art
A move for the art museum? Cost to expand Davenport facility turns thoughts to a new buildingTibbetts, EdQuad-City Times1997-11-29A1--Museums/Davenport Museum of Art
Haitian art returns to DMAJensen, JulieLeader1997-12-03B5--Davenport Museum of Art
With art, it's location, location, location: Davenport facility looks to its futureTibbetts, EdQuad-City Times1997-12-21M1--Davenport Museum of Art/Museums
Lindsay Park debate heats up: public hearings are slated for this weekTibbetts, EdQuad-City Times1998-01-07A1photo-Lindsay Park/Bloom, John/Davenport Museum of Art
Will museum ruin natural masterpiece?Lansman, LisaLeader1998-01-07A4photo-Lindsay Park/Davenport Museum of Art
Art museum drops Lindsay Park site: neighborhood protests leads to decisionTibbetts, EdQuad-City Times1998-01-08A1photo-Parks--Davenport/Neighborhoods--Davenport--Village of East Davenport/Museums/Art/Lindsay Park/Davenport Museum of Art
Support builds for art museum downtown: second site meeting is slated for noon todayTibbetts, EdQuad-City Times1998-01-09A1--Davenport Museum of Art/Museums/Downtown Davenport/Duck Creek Park
Downtown remains popular site for Davenport art museum: Duck Creek Park option generates little supportMcCooley, JohnQuad-City Times1998-01-10M1--Downtown Davenport/Davenport Museum of Art/Lindsay Park/Duck Creek Park
Parks, parking & public perception: Lindsay Park out, downtown and current DMA site lead public opinion at tow open meetings held last weekMcGreevy, ToddRiver Cities' Reader1998-01-14-6--Davenport Museum of Art
Trustees: no art in the park: museum board weighs its optionsGarcia, MarthaQuad-City Times1998-01-22M1--Museums/Duck Creek Park/Davenport Museum of Art/Lindsay Park
Art gallery may leave, but Davenport can't abandon Museum HillBawden, MarkQuad-City Times1998-01-25A4editorial-Davenport Museum of Art
Architect takes her work seriously, personally: art museums are all about creativity-Quad-City Times1998-01-26A8photo-Davenport Museum of Art/Soranno, Joan M.
Picture 4 times the art in twice the space: Museum paints future with broad strokesTibbetts, EdQuad-City times1998-01-26A1photo-Davenport Museum of Art/Museums/Art
Museum scratches Duck Creek Park off site listAllemeier, KurtLeader1998-01-28A6--Duck Creek Park/Davenport Museum of Art
Museum Hill: a cultural landmark for the Quad CitiesBawden, MarkRiver Cities' Reader1998-02-04-4--Davenport Museum of Art
Art museum quietly looks to downtown: the hill remains option for new facilityTibbetts, EdQuad-City Times1998-04-12A1--Davenport Museum of Art
DMA honors volunteers at luncheon-Leader1998-06-24B5--Davenport Museum of Art Volunteer Guild
Ken Hopper joins Davenport Zoning Board of Adjustment-Leader1998-07-15A3--Davenport. Planning and Zoning Department/Hopper, Ken/Davenport. Historic Preservation Commission/Davenport Public Library/Davenport Museum of Art/Davenport. Affirmative Action Advisory Committee
Davenport's public interest vs. donors' wishes: despite deadline, site of city's new museum remains undecided and may be tied to moneyTibbetts, EdQuad-City Times1998-08-09A1--Davenport Museum of Art
Art Museum offers fun close to homeParrella, PaulaQuad-City Times1998-08-27C9photo-Davenport Museum of Art
How would you like to...work hard and have fun: new exhibit at Davenport Museum of Art is a piece of work...and playWillard, JohnQuad-City Times1998-10-10W1photo-Art/Davenport Museum of Art
All work and play fine: new DMA show displays images of life and workJensen, JulieLeader1998-10-21B4photo-Davenport Museum of Art
Museum appoints curator of collections-Quad-City Times1998-10-27M1--Robinson, Michelle/Davenport Museum of Art
Curator is hooked on art; new museum curator has eye on new gallery possibilitiesJensen, JulieLeader1998-11-04A1photo-Robinson, Michelle/Davenport Museum of Art (Davenport, Iowa)
Museum's future moves downtown: support shifts on location of facilityTibbetts, EdQuad-City Times1998-11-12A1--Davenport. City Council/Davenport Museum of Art/Davenport. Leisure Services Department/Downtown Davenport Development Corporation/Fejervary Cultural Center
Museum's 2nd Street site gets OKTibbetts, EdQuad-City Times1998-11-13M1--Davenport Museum of Art/Davenport. Leisure Services Department/Davenport. City Council
Art museum sees future here: Downtown merchants worry about the moveTibbetts, EdQuad-City Times1998-11-19M1photo-Downtown Davenport/Del-Rich Co./Davenport Museum of Art/Rhomberg Furriers/Sylvia's
Falling in love with our visual culture: a conversation with the DMA's new Curator of Collections & Exhibitions-River Cities' Reader1998-11-25-9photo-Davenport Museum of Art/Robinson, Michelle
Archietect was a walking world history lesson: Von Rosen worked on Q-C landmarksBryson, JaeQuad-City Times1998-12-29M1photo-Architects/Von Rosen, Bengt/Swanson, Mailwald and Engineers/Davenport Museum of art/Putnam Museum of History and Natural Science/River Center Place/Scholtz, Roman/Adler Theatre/Orphem Theatre
Museum move draws attention-Quad-City Times1999-01-01A21998 Top Stories of the Year-Art/Davenport Museum of Art
Museum eyes 2000 groundbreaking: architect selection is being launchedTibbetts, EdQuad-City Times1999-01-21M1--Davenport Museum of Art
Grant will restore art museum masterpieces-Quad-City Times1999-04-20M1--Art/Grants-in-aid/Davenport Museum of Art
Balancing act: mobile artwork lands teen in Beaux Arts FairGaul, AlmaQuad-City Times1999-05-08W1photo-Flick, Andy/Beaux Arts Fair/Davenport Museum of Art
Window of opportunity: recovered stained glass wil be museum exhibitGeyer, ThomasQuad-City Times1999-06-09A1photo-Art/Denkmann Family/Chippiannock Cemetery/Davenport Museum of Art
Museum presentations open to the public-Quad-City Times1999-08-02M1--Davenport Museum of Art
Museum bid lures big-city talent: designer contract to be unveiled todaySaul, TomQuad-City Times1999-08-07M1--Architects/Davenport Museum of Art
Museum project moves ahead: panel picks architect for new buildingGeyer, ThomasQuad-City Times1999-08-08M1--Architects/Davenport Museum of Art/David Chipperfield Architects of London/Chipperfield, David
London firm comes to town: Davenport taps Brit architect for downtown Museum of ArtBuehler, BrianLeader1999-08-11A1--Davenport Museum of Art/David Chipperfield Architects
Painstaking exhibit on Cold War lands in Davenport: Museumgoers will get their nicke's worthWundram, BillQuad-City Times1999-10-04A1photo-Art/Davenport Museum of Art/Burden, Chris
City seeks grants for IMAX theater: money for road improvements is next on listSaul, TomQuad-City Times1999-10-07M1--Museums/IMAX Theater/Putnam Museum of History and Natural Science/Davenport Museum of Art
Museum Hill: just how did it get thereWillard, JohnQuad-City Times1999-10-12T1--Historic Houses, Sites, etc--Davenport/IMAX Theater/Putnam Museum of History and Natural Science/Davenport Museum of Art/Davenport Academy of Natural Sciences/May, Fred L.
An embarrassment of Riches: SMA hosts artists focus group regarding public perceptions and the new museum-River Cities' Reader1999-10-20A7--Davenport Museum of Art
An open letter of suggestions for building stron gprograms and community support for the new Davenport Museum of Art-River Cities' Reader1999-10-27A6--Davenport Musuem of Art
An open letter of suggestions for building strong programs and community support for the new Davenport Museum of Art-River Cities' Reader1999-10-27A6editorial-Davenport Museum of Art
Institutional Priorities at the DMA-River Cities' Reader1999-10-27A7editorial-Davenport Museum of Art
A need for better communication from the Davenport Museum of ArtBolkcom, CathyQuad-City Times1999-11-14A7opinion-Davenport Museum of Art
First look at new art museum expected in February: London architect finishes 1st phaseSaul, TomQuad-City Times1999-12-29M2--Davenport Museum of Art
Missing for more than 20 years, a historic TIffany window now has a plac to call homeYoungquist, ChrisQuad-City Times2000-02-05M1--Denkmann Family/Davenport Museum of Art/Artists/Tiffany, Louis Comfort/Chippiannock Cemetery/Crime--Theft
Davenport Museum of Art shows off its collection for its 75 annivesaryBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2000-02-10Go3--Davenport Museum of Art/Chipperfield, David
Gem of a show: Davenport museum marks its diamond anniversary with new exhibitJensen, JulieLeader2000-02-16B1--Davenport Museum of Art
Museum move to bolster downtownLindburg, BevLeader2000-02-16Special14--Downtown Davenport/Davenport Museum of Art/Special Events and Projects--Vision for the Future
Sylvia's moves for museumPearson, RitaLeader2000-02-16D1photo-Sylvia's Women's Clothing Store/Davenport Museum of Art/Hickey Brothers Cigar Shop/Downtown Davenport/Clothing and Dress
Glass-clad art museum planned downtown: architect: I had the idea that it should sparkleSaul, TomQuad-City Times2000-02-18A1photo-Chipperfield, David/Davenport Museum of Art/Museums
Davenport Museum of Art plans revealedJensen, JulieLeader2000-02-23A5--Chipperfield, David/Davenport. Museum of Art
DMA begins hunt for construction manager-Leader2000-03-08A3--Davenport Museum of Art
Dianne Phinney is committed to helping build a work of artJensen, JulieLeader2000-03-22A4--Architects/Phinney, Dianne/Davenport Museum of Art/Downtown Davenport
$160 million redevelopment plans ready: Davenport, Bettendorf would both benefitTurner, JonathanLeader2000-03-29A1--Economic Development--Davenport/Economic Development--Bettendorf/Riverfront/River Renaissance/Davenport Museum of Art
Donors line up for art support: one is interested in footing 1\3 of new art museumSaul, TomQuad-City Times2000-04-14A1--Davenport Museum of Art
Davenport exhibit surveys the American landscapeBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2000-04-16H1--Davenport Museum of Art
Scenic paintings aplenty in latest exhibit at Davenport Museum of ArtJensen, JulieLeader2000-04-19B8photo-Davenport Museum of Art
Museum's look taking shape: Design's finer 'brush strokes' are yet to comeGeyer, ThomasQuad-City Times2000-05-10A1photo-Davenport Museum of Art/David Chipperfield Architects of London
City Shorts: Davenport museum to receive boostCollins, JoeRiver Cities' Reader2000-05-24-3--Davenport Museum of Art/Davenport. City Council/Norwest Bank/Wells Fargo Bank Iowa/Mississippi Valley Writers Conference
Restoring Davenport as 'flagship' of Quad Cities with world class museum of fine artMcCarthy, KathleenRiver Cities' Reader2000-05-31-4--Davenport Museum of Art
Lot project rolls on near museum siteTurner, JonathanLeader2000-06-07A3--Davenport Museum of Art
IMAX takes step toward construction: city will abandon part of street after homes acquiredSaul, tomQuad-City Times2000-06-08B1--Theaters--IMAX/Putnam Museum of Natural History and Science/Davenport Museum of Art/Residences--Davenport--12th Street West, 1708/Baughman, Matthew
Aldermen question wisdom of DMA moveLundahl, Catherine Worsley Leader2000-08-30A3--Davenport Museum of Art
State of the Arts: A recent survey suggests it's a heady time for the Arts in the Quad-Cities. . .Ignatius, JeffRiver Cities' Reader2000-08-30-6--Art/Quad-City ArtsQuad-City Cultural Collaboration/Metro Arts 2000/Davenport Museum of Art/IMAX--Theater
Museum asks for more help:Proponents say $3.5M from city will give big boostSaul, TomQuad-City Times2000-09-19A1--Davenport--Budget/Davenport Museum of Art
Museum hopes new benefactor waiting in wingsLundahl, Catherine Worsley Leader2000-09-20A1--Davenport Museum of Art/Figge Foundation
Art museum gets $3.5M boost: foundation hopes city's funding will spur private donorsSaul, TomQuad-City Times2000-09-21B1--Davenport Museum of Art
Another land deal on the backs of the taxpayersMcCarthy, KathleenRiver Cities' Reader2000-09-27-4editorial-Davenport. City Council/Sentry Insurance/Tax Increment Finanacing/Davenport Museum of Art
Davenport museum gains supportLundahl, Catherine Worsley Leader2000-09-27A3--Davenport Museum of Art
The Critic-Advocates of the DMAMcGreevy, TomRiver Cities' Reader2000-09-27-8editorial-Davenport. City Council/Davenport Museum of Art
Dirty hands, but no groan of a ghostWundram, BillQuad-City Times2000-10-31A2photo-Historic Houses, Sites, etc./Haunted Houses/Buildings--Davenport--2nd Street West, 213-215/Davenport Museum of Art/Hanssen, John
IMAX, museum bids demanded: Contractors' group accuses city of side-stepping lawSaul, TomQuad-City Times2000-12-12C1--IMAX Theater/Davenport. City Council/Lawsuits/Davenport Museum of Art/Associated Builders & Contractors of Iowa (ABC)
$12M given for new art museum: Donation from Figge Foundation covers major costsSaul, TomQuad-City Times2000-12-15A1--V.O. Figge and Elizabeth Kahl Figge Charitable Foundation/Grants-in-aid/Davenport Museum of Art
Museum relocation considered: property owner is accused od seeking excessive profitSaul, TomQuad-City Times2000-12-24C1--Davenport Museum of Art/200 Riverd Drive Partners/Schalk, Steve/Williams, Tom
Art Museum: a game of financial chicken: downtown centerprice should have back up plan-Quad-City Times2000-12-31A4Editorial-Davenport Museum of Art
Figge Art Center plans are off the drawing boardLundahl, Catherine WorsleyLeader2001-02-28Special42--Davenport Museum of Art/Special Events and Projects--Quad-Cities Quest for Community Progress
Museum land talks are called 'insulting': Property owners say negotiation process is unfairSaul, TomQuad-City Times2001-03-16A1--Davenport Museum of Art/Davenport (Iowa). City Council/Streets--Davenport (Iowa)--2nd Street, West/Vision Iowa/Ebeling, John
Designer outlines vision for museumTurner, Jonathan Leader2001-03-21A8photo-Davenport Museum of Art (Davenport, Iowa)/Wilkinson, Dana
Museum land deals hindered: Alderman says foundation has not acted in good faithSaul, TomQuad-City Times2001-04-10C1--Davenport Museum of Art (Davenport, Iowa)/Davenport (Iowa). City Council/Ebeling, John/Joiner, Helen/Vision Iowa
1 parcel left for art museum: City asked to step into talks with last holdout landownerSaul, TomQuad-City Times2001-05-01C1--Buildings--Davenport (Iowa)--2nd Street West, 211/Davenport Museum of Art (Davenport, Iowa)/J & F Ebeling Company (Davenport, Iowa)/Ebeling, John
Land Acquisition: One hurdle remains: Art center's good news is vital for downtown-Quad-City Times2001-05-01A4editorial-Davenport Museum of Art (Davenport, Iowa)/Vision Iowa
Final paracel for art museum purchasedSaul, TomQuad-City Times2001-05-03C1--Davenport Museum of Art (Davenport, Iowa)/Buildings--Davenport (Iowa)--2nd Street West, 211/Ebeling, John
Bradley leaving art museum post Aug. 10- Leader2001-05-16A3--Davenport Museum of Art/Bradley, Steve
Can new museum stay dry? Flood-plain site stirs debateElliott, Stephen Leader2001-06-06A1--Floods and Flooding--Control/Davenport Museum of Art
Davenport Museum of Art revamps plans: Shorter building will be a block closer to MississippiSaul, TomQuad-City Times2001-07-24A1images-Davenport Museum of Art (Davenport, Iowa)/Figge Arts Center (Davenport, Iowa)
Good thing it doesn't take a city to raise a museumIckes, BarbQuad-City Times2001-08-02C1viewpoint-Davenport Museum of Art (Davenport, Iowa)/Figge Arts Center (Davenport, Iowa)
'Gothic' was a Quad-City hit in 1996: Museums, artists admire Wood's simple natureBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2001-08-05H6photo-Art/Wood, Grant/Davenport Museum of Art (Davenport, Iowa)
Africa moves in: Weeks of work gets art museum ready for new exhibitBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2001-09-02H1photos-Davenport Museum of Art/Art
Davenport Museum appoints trustee-Quad-City Times2001-11-22B3Board of Trustees list-Hofmann, R. Josef/Davenport Museum of Art
Hofman named to DMA Baord of Trustees-Leader2001-11-23A3--Hofmann, R. Josef/Davenport Museum of Art
New museum will be work of art: site improvement under way; building begins in JanuaryCarnahan, WhitneyLeader2001-11-23A1--Davenport Museum of Art/Figge Arts Center
Search continues for new director at Museum of ArtCarnahan, WhitneyLeader2001-11-23A5--Davenport Museum of Art/Figge Arts Center
Lasting images: Davenport Museum of Art gets chance to show rare works of photo great Alfred StieglitzBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2001-11-25H1photos-Davenport Museum of Art
Art of the calendar: Davenport Museum of Art makes a date with American landscapesWillard, JohnQuad-City Times2001-12-08H1--Fundraisers/Davenport Museum of Art
Learning art of being curatorJensen, JulieLeader2001-12-21B5--Habenicht, Lauren/Davenport Museum of Art
Positive learning from negativesNelson, LeeQuad-City Times2002-01-20B1--Monroe Elementary School (Davenport, Iowa)/West high School (Davenport, Iowa)/Davenport Museum of Art/Photography/Schools, Public--Iowa--Davenport--Students
Stories highlight church hat show: fashion event held in conjuction with museum's exhibitNancy, RubyQuad-City Times2002-03-09G1--Davenport Museum of Art
Celebration of church hats: Crowns of Glory: show is tied to Museum of Art exhibitSpeer, Mary LouiseQuad-City Times2002-03-10B1photo-Davenport Museum of Art
New Figge director greets public: Linda Downs brings education resume to art museumGeyer, Thomasquad-City Times2002-07-20A3photo-Downs, Linda/Davenport Museum of Art/Figge Arts Center
Museum in need of decent docents-Leader2002-08-02B4--Davenport Museum of Art/Volunteers
Davenport art museum gives the form its due craftBurke, DavidQuad-City Times2002-08-04H1photo-Art/Davenport Museum of Art
U.S. Bank gives land for Figge: Drive-up, parking will relocate as $1M deal closesYoungquist, ChrisQuad-City Times2002-08-07A7photo-Figge Arts Center/U.S. Bank/Davenport Museum of Art Foundation
Reinventing the Davenport Art MuseumSpeer, Mary LouiseQuad-City Times2002-11-16G4--Davenport Museum of Art/Figge Arts Center
Council asked to eliminate museum jobs: Privatizing services would help DMA balance budgetSaul, TomQuad-City Times2002-12-03A3--Davenport Museum of Art/Figge Arts Center/Davenport (Iowa). City Council
DMA allowed to contract out security and cleaningSaul, TomQuad-City Times2002-12-05A3--Davenport Museum of Art/Downs, Linda/Figge Arts Center/Davenport (Iowa). Employees
Christie's to appraise museum art collection-Quad-City Times2002-12-19A3--Davenport Museum of Art
Quilt blocks show meaning of family: Davenport museum will display fabric art by 160 childrenSpeer, Mary LouiseQuad-City Times2003-01-12A3--Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild/Davenport Museum of Art/Quilters and Quilting
Her portraits are 100 percent cotton: Community quilts are on display at Davenport museumCook, LindaQuad-City Times2003-02-24A3photo-Quilts and Quilting/Special Events and Projects--Community Quilt Project/Davenport Museum of Art/Baker, Rosalie/Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild
Artists discuss Figge Arts Center-Quad-City Times2003-03-01A5--Davenport Museum of Art/Art/Figge Arts Center
Riverboat group announces grants: SCRA doles out more than $2M to schools, non-profitsRuger, ToddQuad-City Times2003-05-21A3--Scott County Regional Authority/Grants-in-aid/Isle of Capri Casino, Inc./Schools, Public--Iowa--Scott County--Facilities/Scott County EMS Association/Davenport Museum of Art/Bettendorf Public Library/Community Health Care, Inc./Scott County Family Y/West Family YMCA/Assumption High School/Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center
Ask the Times: Art museum sculptures have movedBaker, Deirdre CoxQuad-City Times2003-07-25A4Ask the Times-Scuptures/Davenport Museum of Art
Board to vote on Figge changesSaul, TomQuad-City Times2003-07-29A1--Davenport (Iowa). City Council/Davenport Museum of Art/Figge Arts Center
City Shorts: Public input needed for river planCollins, JoeRiver Cities' Reader2003-08-13-3--Mississippi River--Upper Mississippi River and Illinois Waterways Study/United States. Army Corps of Engineers/Davenport Museum of Art/Davenport (Iowa). City Council/AIDS Project Quad-Cities/ Grants-in-Aid
Artist extraordinaire: Major scholarship program helps young Q-C artistsBakeris-Gullion, MaryQuad-City Times2003-09-26A4photo-Artists/Buckles, Brian/Brand-Boeshaar Scholarship/Davenport Museum of Art
Museum closing precedes opening: stage gets set for Figge Art MuseumFudge, TamaraQuad-City Times2004-10-03A4--Buildings--Iowa--Davenport--12th Street West, 1727/Davenport Museum of Art
Museum quiet on collection appraisal: City cites security in effort to keep information privateSaul, TomQuad-City Times2004-11-29A1--Davenport (Iowa). City Council/Public records/Davenport Museum of Art
Davenport's Figge Art Museum: Pending appraisal details not public: Alderman: Value of the art collection should be made known to city's taxpayersSaul, TomQuad-City Times2004-12-08A1photos-Davenport (Iowa). City Council/Public Records/Figge Art Museum/Davenport Museum of Art
Aldermen want art value made public: Figge director cites security concernsSaul, TomQuad-City Times2004-12-10A4--Public Records/Davenport (Iowa). City Council/Figge Art Museum/Davenport Museum of Art
Backward glances: Women art leaders a traditionWillard, JohnQuad-City Times2005-03-15B1photos-House, Freda/Rochow, Elizabeth/Davenport Museum of Art
Backward glances: From arms to artWillard, JohnQuad-City Times2005-07-26B1--Buildings--Iowa--Davenport--5th Street West, 120/Ficke, Charles August/Davenport Museum of Art
Figge predecessor was the 1st municipal gallery in Iowa-Quad-City Times2007-03-26A2--Figge Art Museum/Davenport Museum of Art/Buildings--Iowa--Davenport--2nd Street West, 225
Davenport schools to buy former art museum: 2 properties could be home to early childhood programDooley, SheenaQuad-City Times2009-10-13B1--Davenport Children's Village West/Davenport Museum of Art/Schools, Public--Iowa--Davenport--Facilities
Children's Village West will get a new home: School board OKs plans to renovate buildingHeitz, DavidQuad-City Times2010-08-31A1photos-Schools, Public--Iowa--Davenport--Facilities/Children's Village West/Davenport Museum of Art/Buildings--Iowa--Davenport--Locust Street, West, 2826
Children's Village West update: Old museum getting new life as preschoolLuna, KayQuad-City Times2011-03-16A1photos-Children's Village West/Davenport Museum of Art/Schools, Public--Iowa--Davenport--Facilities