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Teen Ballot Update

The Davenport area teens have been voting like crazy, and the elections for favorite things are swinging wildly in new directions.

Anime has taken the lead for favorite type of movie, garnering three times as many votes as any other category.

Fantasy and science fiction are holding steady for favorite type of book, with graphic novels coming in second.

Hardcover books are dominating in the format race, beating out e-books at an astonishing 148 votes to 6.  Looks like paper books won’t be going away any time soon.

Religious music is blowing the competition out of the water, earning more than twice the votes of the second-place winner, pop.

The Eastern Avenue Branch is dominating as favorite library with the teen voters with an astonishing 137 votes to Fairmount’s 49 votes and Main’s 9 votes.

If you don’t like any of the results in this post, it’s not too late to vote and be heard.  Ballots will be accepted at all three locations through March 3.

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One Response to “Teen Ballot Update”

  1. Daniel Bloom says:

    I am very suprized and enthused by that fact that religious music seems to be the favored music style of those who have voted in this survey. Another suprize to me is that anime movies are so popular. I myself dont find them to be a favorite but it is interesting to see the opinions of other Davenport Teenagers.

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