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Election Results Update

Ballots have been coming in from all three libraries, and the scales are starting to tip in some of the campaigns. 

Among adult voters, horror movies are ahead by a landslide at the Fairmount Branch, while comedies are slightly ahead at Eastern.  No clear leader yet among the voters at the Main Library.  Mystery and crime novels are the favorites at both branches, while general fiction gets the vote at Main.  At all locations, e-books are the clear losers, with hardcover, then softcover, being voted in as the favorite formats.

Country/western music is holding on as the favorite at Fairmount, while rock music rules at Eastern.  Votes are scattered at Main, but R&B music is currently at a slight advantage.

Eastern is ahead by one vote over Fairmount for the favorite location, but both sides have had heavy praise.  Fans of the Eastern Avenue Branch like the openness and beauty of the building, while fans of Fairmount have stated that they like the location because it is close to work and like that the building is “cozy.”

Teens have been voting in this year’s winter reading program, but their numbers are lower than adults and their votes are still scattered.  However, the teens voting at Main have put Fantasy/Science Fiction ahead of all other types of books as their favorite, by a ratio of 3 to 1.   E-books have gotten zero votes from teens, with hardcover then softcover leading the format race.  Among teens, pop is the favorite music at Main while at Eastern rock gets the vote.

The kid vote runs differently than the teen and adult vote because all of the categories are write-in.  However, we have been getting great data from our youngest voters.  In the section of “Favorite Book” no winner has emerged from the many votes, proving Davenport has a diverse readership.  But, several Judy Moody titles have been written in, so perhaps that is the way this race will go.  Twilight is barely ahead in the race for favorite movie, so this could still be anyone’s game.  “Year without Rain” by Selena Gomez is ahead in the favorite song category, and purple is slightly ahead in the favorite color race.

Check out our graphs by clicking on “Election Results” above, and keep tuned for frequent updates on this year’s Red, White, and Read candidates.

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