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Ballot Update

Hundreds of ballots have been coming in at all three of the Davenport Public Library locations.  Ballots can be turned in through March 3, and remember, in this election you can vote more than once.  Here are some updates on the results:

Kids’ Votes
“Fly on the Wall” by Miley Cyrus has taken the lead as the most favorite song, pushing out Selena Gomez’s “A Year without Rain.”  In general, Taylor Swift has gotten the most votes as favorite musician, but Cyrus’ “Fly” holds the song lead.
Cinderella has gotten a lot of love as the favorite movie, although Twilight is also getting some nods.
Cinderella is also in the lead as favorite book character, but she shares the field with close runner-ups Pinky Dinky Doo and Belle.  Henry & Mudge, Fancy Nancy, and Hermione Granger are still in the game.
Green Eggs & Ham and the Harry Potter series are in the lead for favorite books.
As for what kids say they like to do best for activities, the lead goes to art activities, from painting to drawing to coloring and more.  Reading is the next favorite activity, followed by sports.
In the race for favorite color, blue is in the lead, but barely.  Pink is on it’s tail, and it could still be anyone’s race.  Don’t bet on brown for yellow coming from behind; brown hasn’t received any votes, and yellow only has 3.

Teen Votes
For types of movies, comedies are the clear winners at the Fairmount Branch and the Main Library, while in a surprise twist, musicals and romantic movies are more popular at the Eastern Avenue Branch.
For favorite types of books, action and adventure rule at Fairmount while fantasy and sci-fi rule at Main.  Eastern voters do not have a front-runner.
In the race for favorite types of music, pop rules at Main, while write-ins for hip hop have taken the lead at Fairmount.  Eastern remains strongly on the side of rock.

Adult Votes
In the adult race for favorite movie types, comedy reins at Main and Eastern while romance is ahead at Fairmount.
For favorite types of books, crime and mysteries are tied with general fiction at Fairmount, crime and mysteries lead at Main, and fantasy and sci-fi lead at Eastern.
For favorite music country/western is five times more popular at Main than any other type of music while at Eastern and Fairmount rock is king.

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