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Final Mini-Review: Living Dead Girl

April 19, 2009

As National Library Week comes to a close we’re wrapping things up with one last mini-review.

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

Living Dead GirlIt’s hard to know exactly where to start with this one, as Living Dead Girl is a heavy, heavy book.  I’m talkin’ heavy.  It’s the story of a 15 yr. old girl who was taken away from her normal family life five years ago and has been kept at the mercy of a man named Ray, and at the mercy of his every desire, ever since.  I still haven’t finished the book because one can only read so much of it without stopping and wanting to throw up a little bit in their mouth.  However, the absolutely stellar storytelling and writing done by author Elizabeth Scott is so perfectly haunting, so acutely hideous, and so unshakably real for the topic she’s portraying that I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone who can handle it—please note that this book is for mature readers ONLY—ages 16 and up.

And since I haven’t finished the book yet…And since it’s our last mini-review of the week…And since there just happens to be a blurb on the back of the book by Chris Crutcher…And since it just happens to be 5 sentences…And since that fits what we call a mini-review…And since, well, I’m going to include it here and that makes it a bonus mini-review for you…

“I was knocked over by Living Dead Girl.  Most authors want to hear ‘I couldn’t put it down’ from their fans.  Living Dead Girl is a book you have to put down; then you have to pick it right back up.  The beauty of the story is that, though none of its readers will have had this experience, all will feel connected to it.  It is told in the rarest of air, yet speaks horrifically to all our imaginations.” -Chris Crutcher


Little Review—>Little Brother

April 18, 2009

Little Brother

It’s hard to review Little Brother by Cory Doctorow in 5 sentences or less because there are so many great things to say about it.  But 5 sentences it is…

It is such an understatement to say that THIS BOOK RAWKS!!  It’s perfect for cool, smart, tech-savvy teens who are bored with life and just don’t like to read.  Little Brother flows at a rapid pace and digs its hooks into your mushy mind instantly…never letting go.  By illustrating just how easy it is for the government to cross its boundaries Doctorow’s tale provides an all too real depiction of what the very near future might hold for us, while highlighting the true power that today’s teens possess in terms of protecting their privacy and executing a technological revolution lively enough to make the whole country turn its head—-for reals.  Little Brother is by far the best book I read in 2008 and Cory Doctorow is a seriously freakin’ awesome dude.Cory Doctorow

Nuff said.


Happy National Library Week!

April 13, 2009

Now that National Library Week has arrived we thought it might be fun to celebrate by going back to basics library-style.  It’s no secret that public libraries these days offer all sorts of valuable resources—from books to video games, DVDs to audio books, internet services, and even coffee shop goodies.  But this week it’s all about the books.  Good books.  Great books to be exact.  And all this week we’ll be featuring mini-reviews of some of our favorite reads for Young Adults.  And by “mini-review” we mean 5 sentences or less.  Okay?  Okay.  Here we go…

Hunger GamesHunger Games by Suzanne Collins

You must read it.  Read it.  Seriously, read it.  I don’t care what you like to read (or what you don’t like to read) you really need to trust me on this one.  Read it!

Phew, a review in 5 sentences or less wasn’t too hard ;)  READ IT!  Stay tuned all week for more mini-reviews. 


Award Winning Titles

January 30, 2009

If you’re looking for a great book you might want to check out one of the following award winning titles.  Both the Morris Award and the Printz Award winners were recently announced. 

The 2009 Printz Award Winner: 

Jellicoe Road

Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta. 

The 2009 Morris Award Winner: 

A Curse As Dark As Gold

A Curse Dark As Gold by Elizabeth C. Bunce

If you haven’t read them yet, now is the time to add them to your list!