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Graphic Spotlight: Twilight and friends

March 17, 2010

Twilight: The Graphic Novel Volume 1 by Stephenie Meyer and Young KimFirst thing I did when I got home last night? I curled up with a brand spanking new copy of Twilight: The Graphic Novel Volume 1. And it was awesome.

It has been awhile since I read the first book, so I can’t make a judgment call on how faithful the graphic novel was to the original text but there was one big change that surprised me: I actually liked Bella. What?! I didn’t like Bella in the book?! Weeeeelll, I didn’t not like her exactly–I just found her attitude towards other females extremely annoying. However, something about the way Young Kim draws her expressions makes her totally adorable in the Graphic Novel! Oh, and her crazy voluptuous, shiny hair is utterly captivating.

Now on the flipside, I found Edward less likeable when in graphic form; he kinda looks like the token jerk from a late 80′s after school program.

Overall, Kim’s work is fantastic: the variation in line texture, the soft photographic backdrops, and the subtle, poignant color changes give the graphic novel incredible feeling. Swoon, can you hear my heart beating?! I can’t wait for Volume 2!

Twilight isn’t the only series to go graphic. Check out these other popular titles that have had an illustrator’s touch:
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We’ve moved stuff.

March 15, 2010

Question: Ummmm where did the YA Audiobooks go?

Answer: We have moved them out into the Adult Audiobooks–we did some research and it seems that age is not much of a determining factor in who checks out books-on-CD so we thought we’d put them all together so you all wouldn’t have to trudge back and forth across the library when searching for a title. Let us know what you think about this move. P.S. I am currently listening to Sophie Kinsella’s Twenties Girl and it is FANTASTIC.

Question: and where is the newest Negima? I can’t find it by the others in the series…

Answer: We have put all the new titles in one location, so it is easier for you to see what’s new in the YA Graphic Novel/manga collection. The new graphic novels and manga will have red stickers on the spine that say “NEW” and will be located immediately to the left of the YA Graphic section at Fairmount, and at the beginning of the YA Graphic section at Main. However, if the title you are looking for is super popular and super new, then you will probably want to reserve it.

Question: Some of the books in the New YA Fiction look suspiciously like Nonfiction???

Answer: Because they are Nonfiction, heyo! We have decided it is about time new YA nonfiction got to share some of YA fiction’s spotlight.

Question: Yeeeah, and whatif I can’t find the old Nonfiction books at Main?

Answer: ooops, forgot to tell you–we had lots of space once the audiobooks moved out so we jumped the nonfiction to over by the YA DVDs and then spread out the graphics so they could breathe a little.

Old Nonfiction book that I’m loving right now? Whatcha mean, what’s a zine? the art of making zines and minicomics by Mark Todd and Esther Watson.