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The Flying Squirrel: Virginia to Iowa to London

July 30, 2012

Have you been watching Gabby Douglas (aka the Flying Squirrel) and the rest of Team USA’s performances at the London Olympic Games?  If not be sure to tune in soon to catch the Flying Squirrel in action.  One neato fact for us Iowans is that the awesome 16 yr. old standout gymnast had been living in West Des Moines prior to joining her fellow Olympians in London so that she could train with the coach of her choice, Liang Qiao.  Yes, that’s the same coach that Iowa’s own Shawn Johnson trained under for the Beijing Olympic Games.  Gabby is actually from Virginia but I think it’s safe to say she’s picked up a lot of support from Iowa since she started training here.  Go USA!!  Go Gabby!!!

As exciting as it is to watch the entire Women’s USA Gymnastics Team perform, it does make me miss seeing Shawn Johnson out there going for the gold again.  If you too are missing Shawn this time around, you might check out the book she wrote called Winning Balance.  It details not only her gymnastic triumphs, but many personal life details as well.  From Olympic medals to mirror ball trophies on Dancing with the Stars, this memoir covers it all.