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Ski for a Wii

February 8, 2010

The Winter Reading Program is here!  And it’s pretty darn cool.  Get this — just for checking out books and reading, you could win yourself a Wii!  Everyone can participate: Mom, Dad, son, daughter, cousin, aunt, uncle, great-great-great grandma, third cousin twice removed — get the whole family involved!  You can even compete against each other.  Here’s how it works:

Stop by either the Main Library or the Fairmount Branch to pick up your official reading log.  Logs will be available all over the library.  You’ll be skiing down a mountain on your log, and once you get to the bottom, you’re done!  You can fill out the entry slip, and bring it back to the library for a chance to win one of two Nintento Wii gaming systems.  Check out some books — and you’ve skied your first stretch of the mountain.  Read for fifteen minutes — the next stretch is done.  Keep on doing this, and in no time you’ll be down the mountain, and that much closer to winning your own Wii.

And just because you’ve gotten down the mountain once, you’re not done!  Keep on checking out books and reading them, and you can keep on submitting entries for the Wii.  Enter as many times as you like!  The ski fest is over on March 13, 2010, and we’ll draw the winners at Family Story Time on Tuesday March 16, at the Fairmount Branch.  You don’t need to be there to win, but if you are, you could walk home that night with a brand new Wii.  Just for reading!

So get to either Davenport Public Library, get yourself a log, and start skiing!