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Get Your Game On

January 12, 2011

Every Wednesday from 3-5 at the Fairmount Library we host our most popular teen program called Get Your Game On.  At this program we video game, we board game, we draw, we hang, we dance, we solve tiny world problems, we drink pop, we make new friends, we YuGiOh, we argue about Bieber, we share books, we analyze dreams, we eat candy, we laugh, we support ninjas, we play MAGIC, we make it happen, and we want you to join us.  We also want to share this video with you.

Get Your Game On every Wednesday from 3-5 at the Fairmount Library.  See you.

Graphic Spotlight: Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life by Bryan Lee O’Malley

July 15, 2010

Sooooo how many evil ex-boyfriends/girlfriends do you have? Ramona Flowers has SEVEN. yup, SEVEN. and if the naturally awesome Scott Pilgrim wants to date Miss Flowers he is going to have to use his awesomeness to defeat ALL of them. Thank gosh he has nintendo-like reflexes, right?!

This is essentially the plot of the Scott Pilgrim series beginning with volume 1: Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life and ending with volume 6: Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour (coming out next week!). But the awesomeness of Scott Pilgrim deserved to be shared among all media and so Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, a movie starring Michael Cera in the title role, enters theaters on August 13, 2010, and a corresponding video game is supposed to debut this summer, too! ::exploding due to awesome::

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

May 15, 2010

Ever thought about playing a game that was so realistic that you felt right there inside the screen? Well Battlefield Bad Company 2 has certainly pushed the limits of gaming and entered the realm of reality. The game puts you in the place of a modern day soldier, fighting in Russia, South America, and Alaska. The physics of the came are mind blowing! Anything and everything can be destroyed; buildings, cars, gates, towers, fences, bridges, and whatever else you can think of. I know I was a diehard Call of Duty fan and said that it was the only game for me. Well I lied, Battlefield has certainly out done itself and has jumped up in the ranks, passing any Call of Duty game I’ve ever played. My favorite part of Battlefield is that you are able to drive any vehicle you find. Whether it be a car, hummer, tank, ATV, or a helicopter, it’s able to be driven and destroyed so watch out! Unlike Call of Duty, Battlefield features realistic action; health doesn’t regenerate; bullets kill in either one or two hits. When you are injured, you tend to be slow and groggy, you are unable to move as fast and your vision is blurred and dwindled. 

Online multiplayer is the big thing nowadays and I must say, Battlefield has one of the best multiplayer experiences ever! Up to 24 players per match, you can do matches where you need to destroy certain objects or take out posts. and the games don’t go by so fast like they do in Call of Duty; they can take up to about 30 minutes. The levels are gigantic also so there is always a place to go to be safe, and there are also places to go where all the action is. The possibilities are endless in the ever so popular Battlefield series. The game is available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.


Teen Volunteer Council Meets Tuesday!

September 5, 2009


Are you bored?

i am bored

How bored?

i am bored!

Yeah, that’s what I thought. 

You should come to the Teen Volunteer Council meeting on Tuesday night at the Fairmount St. Library.  It starts at 5:30, so call a friend and make plans now.  I guarantee you will have a good time.  Guarantee it.  How can I guarantee such a thing?  Well, for starters we’re not going to play RockPaperScissors.

paper beats rock

But, we are going to play NinjaPirateGorilla. 

Join us!

And if you’re trying to talk your parents into letting you attend tell them this:  The Library’s Teen Volunteer Council is composed of students in grades six through twelve, who help support the Library through fund-raising, programming, and special events. Participation on the Teen Volunteer Council encourages young adults to become involved in planning library activities of interest to them and to inspire an interest in reading for all area youth.  Through involvement with the Council, you will gain valuable experiences that will be useful to you now and in the future.  Plus, being a member of the Davenport Public Library’s Teen Volunteer Council looks great on resumes and college applications.

And I don’t wanna forget to mention this tidbit…We also play video games after the casual council meeting!  Uh-huh.


Good karaoke game?

March 5, 2009


If you know me, you know I like to sing.  So it should come as no surprise that I was totally stoked when I happened upon the PS2 game “Karaoke Revolution presents: American Idol Encore” at the Fairmount library tonight.  It comes with the microphone when you check it out, so I didn’t need to worry about about special equipment (I totally wanna play Guitar Hero Aerosmith — which they’ve also got at the library — but I’m too cheap to pony up the bucks for a guitar!)  Microphone in hand, I was ready to sing my little heart out.


When I got home from the library, I eagerly pulled everything out the box — game, instructions and microphone (which mercifully has a nice long cord).  I popped the game into my system, and hunkered down to the business of American Idol Encore.  I picked a character, a song and a venue and in no time I was singing to a crowd.  I was fairly well jazzed about how simple it was to get started.


It didn’t take long, however, to realize that the song list was fantastically limited.  I have to admit here that this is the first “singing” PS2 game I’ve ever played with.  I’ve sang along in Rock Band, but that’s my only other video-game-singing experience.  Maybe they all suck.  But when I could only find four songs that I really wanted to sing, I was a little annoyed.

I hope something out there provides more options — there were loads of songs that I like and that I know the words to, but few that are even reasonably close to my range.  I was stuck with “Come Sail Away,” “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me,” “Satisfaction,” and “Tainted Love.”  I was amused for about a half and hour, but ultimately left the game feeling disappointed.

So a question to you singing gamers out there — is there a great karaoke game for the PS2?

– sam

Get Your Game On Featured Player: Bailey

February 10, 2009

@ Anime Fest 2008It’s been kind of awhile since we posted a featured player, but we’re gonna give it another go.  First up this time:  Bailey.  Bailey rocks!  She always participates in lots of programs at the library and even won an award at the Manga drawing contest/Anime Fest we had at the Figge Art Museum.  I also saw her make a few appearances last summer as Showtime Pal in Junior Theater’s weekly performances at the Fairmount St. Library.  So, let’s get to know a bit more about Bailey, shall we?

Fave book:  “Anything manga that isn’t inappropriate (Oh, the irony), and Twilight series, and also Hunger Games, too.”

Random facts about you:  *Laughs* “I’m always random. I have a happy dance when I eat, and I learned how to answer the phone in  Japanese the other day.  Favorite colors are purple and black.  I want to start my own webshow called  ‘According to Roxas.’  As in Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II.  I cosplay a lot.”

How much is a lot?:  “Umm, whenever I feel like it, I guess.”

What do you like best about the library?:  “Everything.  Dude, it’s amazing.”

What do you want to be when you grow up?:  “Manga artist…hopefully that turns into anime.  If that fails, then an artist or writer.”

Where do you most want to travel to?:  “London or Japan.”

Most favorite videogames to play?:  “Kingdom Hearts and Soul Calibur IV.  Also, DDR and Singstar.  I forgot to mention those.”

Favorite animal cracker to munch on?:  “I don’t know what kind I just ate.  I think it was this buffalo looking thing.”

Was it good?:  “Yes.  Immensely.”

Edward…:  “What?”

Edward…:  “Yes!!! XD” *drools* “Sorry…”

Howling Contest WinnerAnd on that note…here’s a pic of Bailey at the Twilight Party we held last November.  It shows her with the Twilight Soundtrack she won for being the howling contest winner!  That’s right, she won the howling contest.  Jacob would be so proud. BAILEY:  “But I like EDWARD!”

Teen Reading Challenge Party is Friday Night!

January 8, 2009

par-tay!Those of you who participated in the Teen Reading Challenge and read 250+ minutes received an invitation to the Teen Reading Challenge Party.  This year’s party will be at the Moline Public Library (3210 41st St.) from 6:30-8 on Friday.  There will be free food and drinks, lots of video games to play, and cool crafts to make. 

Plus, you’ll get to meet lots of new teens from around the area and have a chance to win many great prizes!  All this just for keeping track of the time you spent reading?  Yep.  And don’t forget you get to bring 1 friend along, even if that friend didn’t participate in the Challenge.  A huge thank you to all the teens who participated.  Everyone did a great job!