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Book Trailer Thursday: Ruby Red

July 21, 2011

So the narrator totally reminds me of Rose from Dr. Who! (which is a super good thing). Check out Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier and translated by Anthea Bell! Yup, TRANSLATED! This book was originally written in German :-)

BRR: The Time-traveling Fashionista

July 6, 2011


The Time Traveling Fashionista by Bianca TuretskyTitle: The Time-traveling Fashionista

Author: Bianca Turetsky


Other books in series or Standalone: right now it is a standalone, but the author’s bio in the back leads us to believe it will be a series!

First Impressions: Time travel plus fashion plus THE TITANIC? YES PLEASE! I have always loved the idea of clothing being a sciencefictionish technological instrument either as an invisibility cloak, or a magical pair of flattering jeans, or dresses that transport the wearer to another time. Bravo should totally do a Sci-Fi version of Project Runway…

Last Impressions: I liked the book, but I thought it was a bit predictable. However, the main character, Louise, was very sweet and passionate about pursuing her hobby of collecting vintage clothing. I totally want to be friends with her so we can put on flapper dresses and have dance parties (however, I would prefer NOT to put on Edwardian dresses and hang out on doomed, sinking ships with her…)

Image from the Putnam Museum's High School Guide to the Titanic Artifact ExhibitFavorite Part (POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT): I loved when Louise and Ann (a maid on the Titanic) visited the ship’s gymnasium–I know! Who knew the Titanic had a gym? Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio never hung out in there. The thought of working out in mountains of underclothes, a corset, a long dress, gloves and jewelry kinda makes me wanna fall over…My other favorite part was the fashion illustrations by Sandra Suy! SO GLAMOROUS! And tragic. I found that learning about the clothing worn by the Titanic’s victims and survivors made the tragedy feel that much more human.

Least Favorite Part: It took sooooo long for Louise to realize that she was on the Titanic which made me very very anxious (and slightly annoyed).

Thoughts on the bookcover: Beautiful! I am always a sucker for covers with beautiful dresses and I am LOVING the current trend of using a hand-lettered look for the title. The cover looks fun and shiny and romantic–just like the story!

An ideal place to read this book: while you are waiting in line for the AMAZING Titanic Exhibit at the Putnam Museum!

Dream Cast: Louise would be played by Sierra McCormick of Disney’s new show, ANT Farm, or Joey King who played Ramona in Ramona & Beezus.

People who should read this: Although enjoyed by all ages, I would say this book would most interest younger teens. Especially those into fashion or history (or both!)

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