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Teen Review: The Giver

June 14, 2011

Title:  The Giver

Author:  Lois Lowry

Summary:  This novel is about people that live in another world with no color just gray everywhere.  They have certain rules and schedules they have to abide by.  Each parent and child lives in a house with four people; including themselves.  Which are a mom, dad, daughter, and son.  As a child you volunteer and are watched at the ceremony of eleven’s you are told your job for life.  But for Jonas he has a special talent unraveling inside and The Giver will teach him what it is and how to use it.

Main Character:  Jonas is the name of the main character.  He has a special gift, talent within himself.  As the story goes on little pinches of color he sees and how he is talented at a lot of things he comes to see what his talent is.  The Giver’s part is to help Jonas figure out his true gift and balance it.

The Giver:  This is the title for Jonas’ teacher.  He will show Jonas what his job will be and gives him some visions.  These visions will show Jonas how other worlds live and work.  He plays a huge part in Jonas’ choices.

Favorite Moment:  I would say at the end of the book when Jonas takes himself and a very important abandoned baby away from their world.  Then because Jonas uses his gift to protect them, make a difference, and explore the world.

Thoughts on the book cover:  The book cover was amazing for this novel.  It was because it showed a picture of the Giver.  Also because in the background was how Jonas saw things with his gift, instead of the grayness.

My thought about the book:  My thought of this novel is that it is creative.  It gives you a different look on what you’re supposed to do with your life.  Also, that you have a special part in this world.  Finally what you think and know matters and can make a difference.

People that should read this book:  Honestly anyone could read this book because it shows people you can live in this world.  Next that you can look at it with confidence, creativity, and boldness.  Then make a difference.

Teen Reviewer:  Moesha

**Thanks for such a thorough review, Moesha!  The Giver is a really popular book and we think your review will inspire others to check it out.  Remember that any teen who turns in a review to one of our libraries this summer can add 75 points to their Summer Reading Program log.  Every little bit helps you reach the grand total and get all your cool prizes.  Stay tuned to the blog for more teen reviews coming soon!