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Teen Craft Monday: Altered Page Poetry

June 10, 2013


Today’s Teen Craft is Altered Page Poetry!  We’ll provide the pages and the markers, and you’ll be the poets!  Come try it out at the Fairmount Street Branch at 1:00 pm today.  Registration is required, so call the library first at (563) 326-7832 to make sure there’s space!

Teen Craft Tuesdays: Glass Etching

June 28, 2010

Make cool drinking glasses by trying a little glass etching.  Really?  Yes!  Etch glasses and jars with characters and designs from your favorite books, video games, movies, and bands.

Never done anything like this before?  Well, neither have we.  It’s a brand new craft for us and we’re super stoked about it.  We’ll walk you through all the steps and send you on your way with an AWESOME one of a kind creation! 

All this is happening at Fairmount tomorrow afternoon from 3-5.  See you then?  Yes.  Oh, and as always, it’s free and supplies will be provided.

Teen Craft Tuesdays: Bleach Party

June 21, 2010

Do you love to doodle?  Do you like to tie dye?  Are you just completely bored even though you’re only 3 weeks in to your summer vacation?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions we’d like to see you tomorrow for the Teen Craft Tuesday Bleach Party!  Get this:  We’re using bleach pens to “undye” our favorite doodles and designs on tank tops.  Yep!  It’s totally like tie dyeing in reverse.  And get this, too:  It’s free and all supplies will be provided.

We did this program last year and it’s very much worth repeating.  So, that’s why we’re repeating it!  Tomorrow.  Three o’clock.  Fairmount Library.  Bleach Party.

(One tank top per each teen will be provided.  If you have other attire you want to attack with the bleach pens bring it in!)

Teen Craft Tuesdays: Duct Tape

June 14, 2010

Tomorrow from 3-5 at Fairmount we’re making Duct Tape Beach Bags!  All crafting supplies will be provided and it’s free.  Need I say more?! 

Fine, I will.  We will also be making other cool duct tape creations because once you start you just can’t stop!  True story.  Wallets, purses, phone cases, and whatever else your little hearts’ desire.  See you at Teen Craft Tuesday!