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Storm the Castle

December 26, 2013


Tired of reading lists of books you’re “supposed” to like?  Ready to say something back?  Here’s your chance to speak up and be heard.  Join Storm the Castle to read new books, give your comments, and have them shared on a national listserv.  Let your voice be heard by librarians, publishers, authors, and others at Storm the Castle.

The best part?  There’s no assigned book!  You can choose from the list of Best Fiction for Young Adults, or even pick out any new teen book published since September 2013,  and read whichever one you want.  Just come back to the next meeting ready to tell everyone which book you read and what you thought of it.  Our first meeting is Thursday, January 2nd at 4:00 pm at the Fairmount Street Branch.  Hope to see you then!