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BRR: Scarlett Fever by Maureen Johnson

July 2, 2010

Title: Scarlett Fever
Author: Maureen Johnson
Other books in series: Suite Scartlett
First Impressions: I really, really liked Suite Scarlett, but I didn’t love it. so I was curious to see if my affections would go up or down with the sequel.
Last Impressions: My affections totally went up! I adored Scarlett in Scarlett Fever–she becomes a bit more neurotic, a bit more pathetic (in that she watches her ex-boyfriend’s youtube video HUNDREDS of times) and completely relatable.
Least Favorite Moment: When I read the exasperating cliffhanger ending and realized that I may have to wait a few years for the next book in the series. blink blink sigh.
Thoughts on the bookcover:LOVE IT–it is simple but completely fabulous. I think it is so cool how the designer incorporates some aspect of the story or its setting into the teeth of the keys (hearts for Scarlett Fever and a city skyline for Suite Scartlett)
An ideal place to read this book: At a cozy, hip cafe located in a beautiful, historic building. Ex. Mojo’s in the River Music Experience on 2nd Street in Davenport.
Dream Cast: Juno Temple would be PERFECT to play Scarlett in a movie. Hmmm… and they could even change the city from New York to London so she could use her lovely British accent!
If you like this book, you may also like: Libba Bray’s Gemma Doyle Trilogy. I think Scarlett and Gemma should be best friends forever.