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Best YA of 2013, Part Two

December 19, 2013








Our roundup of DPL staff’s favorite YA novels of the year continues!

Amber‘s favorite series of the year was The Montmaray Journals by Michelle Cooper:  “Montmaray is a (fictional) tiny island monarchy between England and Spain whose already small population was decimated during World War I, and there are only a few village families left living in the shadow of a romantic, crumbling castle when 16 year old Sophie begins keeping her journal in 1936. Oh yes, ROMANTIC, CRUMBLING CASTLE! The Montmaray Journals by Michelle Cooper (a series of three lovely books: A Brief History of MontmarayThe FitzOsbornes in Exileand The FitzOsbornes at War) are those kind of books where the narrator feels so natural, so familiar that I often forget that the stories in the book didn’t actually happen to me. Sadly, the memories are not all pleasant. These books are about a teenager’s family evolving and trying to survive World War II, all with the weight of a small country on their shoulders. It is no secret among people who know me that my favorite book is I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith and the Montmaray Journals share much in common with Dodie Smith’s fantastic novel (which is pretty much the highest praise I will give a book!). See my full review of the series on InfoCafe:

Sharon has two recommendations for fans of graphic novels.  Sailor Moon: “I have been devouring the re-releases of the Sailor Moon manga this year (now without the terrible Mixx character re-names!), and I love it every bit as much as I did when I first read them back at the turn of the millennium. Let’s not talk about the time I cried when I realized I was too old to be a sailor senshi.”  Her second pick is Alice in the Country of Hearts: “I read the first five volumes of this manga a couple years ago, but then the English distribution company went out of business—woe! However, another company picked it up and put its six volumes out in a in three mega-volumes—yay! The story is an Alice in Wonderland parody, where Alice basically runs around with a bunch of hot people, wondering why they love her so much. Sound shallow? It totally is—Alice even says so!—but it’s a super fun read.”

Bethany also read an excellent set of graphic novels this year, Bride’s Story by Kaoru Mori: “Sometimes when you’re in between books you want something light with out comprising on story. And Bride’s Story was able to do that for me. And, as silly as it is, the cover of v.1 was very pretty so I needed to see what it was about. Simple story told in a time period and a people I never really thought about, which is another reason why I was drawn to it. I would highly recommend these graphic novels to anybody wanting something quick, light, but good to read.”

Cyndi read so many great YA books this year, she couldn’t pick just one!  “In no particular order: Eleanor & ParkIn ZanesvilleChaos Walking series, and Little Brother” were some of her favorites.  Click the titles to place holds on any or all of them!

And that’s it for our 2013 favorites!  What are yours?  Share in the comments!