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Teen Review: Raising Dragons

July 5, 2011

Title: Raising Dragons (Dragons in our Midst #1)
Author: Bryan Davis
Teen Reviewer: Breanna (age 14)

I read the book Raising Dragons, and it was a good book. It was about these two kids in high school who just found out that their parents used to be dragons. They also found out that they are part dragon. A girl named Bonnie has wings and can fly. A guy has breath that smells like a dragon’s and can breathe fire. Their principal is a dragon slayer. He is a descendant of King Arthur, so he feels he needs to kill all of the dragons that ever existed. So throughout the book it is a challenge for the kids to survive.

SPOILER ALERT! Do not read further if you want to be surprised!

In the end the kids survive, but so does the principal.

(we totally smell a sequel…:::runs to library catalog computer::: and yup, looks like this is the first book in a series of four!)

Thank you for sharing your review, Breanna! Remember that any teen who writes a review and turns it in at one of our 3 libraries will earn 75 points towards the grand total on their Summer Reading Program log! Thanks to all the teens that have turned them in so far.