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Concert alert!: THE PROTOMEN this Saturday at the Redstone Room

August 31, 2011

What: The Protomen in concert

When: This Saturday–9/3/2011 @ 9:00PM

Where: Redstone Room, 129 Main St, Davenport IA

Why: Because they decided to grace us with their presence on their way from playing at PAX East 2011.  This is a big deal, guys–they’ve never been here before!

Who: The Protomen are a robot rock opera group based out of Nashville, whose albums are called “rock and roll fables.”  And if that alone didn’t somehow have you sold, their concept albums are based off of the Mega Man franchise–and it’s great stuff!!  If you’re unsure, go ahead and sample some of their music on their website.

Now the Redstone Room does have an age policy of 19+, but here’s a pro tip: You guys under 19 can get in with a parent! Oh, come on, it’s not as embarrassing as all that. There isn’t so much as a curse word in all of the lyrics, and I dare you to tell me your dad doesn’t want to see this:

They’re practically robot bikers! How can he say no to that?!