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Polar Express 3D

December 26, 2009

The Imax Theatre at the Putnam is showing the Polar Express in 3D this winter. The Polar Express is all about the magic of Christmas and a little boy’s journey to believing. The movie starts out with the boy, whose name is never metioned, hopping aboard a train headed to the North Pole to see Santa Claus off on his way to deliver presents.  The boy finds himself on an adventure to realizing that the amazement and wonders of life always exsists to those who believe. 

The Polar Express is an incredible Christmas classic that is just enhanced through the 3D features. The train ride is even more thrilling as you are thrusted and pushed through the twists and turns of the tracks with the train itself. When the refreshments are served on the train you can practically taste the hot chocolate. The 3D features help really point out the small details that make the tale even more real. The freezing breath, the steam from the heater, and the falling snow are much more noticable. It makes you want to reach out and grab the floating piece of paper the boy is chasing after. These effects only make the movie better.

All Christmas movie lovers will enjoy tale filled with the magic and spirit of  Christmas and the holidays. If you liked the original version of this movie, you will love this new and improved 3D version of this Christmas movie.

Ticket price is $7 and it will be showing until January 7th at the Putnam Museum & IMAX Theatre.